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Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez: A Student of Creative Pursuits

Driven by her love for design and style, mom of four, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez explores new creative expressions that enhance life at home

It takes less than a minute for Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez to go from her bedroom to the creative workspace. Despite that, she still goes through the motions of preparing for work. She shares, “I shower, dress up and primp myself
a little. It helps in keeping positive, energized, and ready for the day ahead. I take the opportunity to dress up each day, albeit very casually. I choose light fabrics paired with denim, and sometimes dressy shorts or beach wraps. Camisoles with bikini or swimsuit tops, whether swimming or not, have become my daily quarantine uniform.” It also helps that Tweetie does what she loves for work. Her passion for creative pursuits fuel motivation and inspiration even at a time of unfortunate closures.

The Shutdowns

“My showroom had to close due to pandemic, requiring me to make space in our home for all our stocks, office supplies, equipment, tools. It was certainly a challenge, but I (along with my husband) am thankful that the move worked out in the end,” Tweetie declares. As it turns out, the integration of work and home spaces in the Gonzalez residence inspired new ideas and interests. The fashion icon and accessories designer explains, “I took a heavy liking to acrylic and resin art, a creative expression which allows me to experiment with various forms, uses and manners. I continue to study this medium and shall remain a student of creative pursuits and processes always.”

When she is not immersed in the creative process, Tweetie spends the rest of her days making new memories with her children. She expounds, “Having been in quarantine for a long period allowed the whole family to be together completely and constantly. We engage in simple activities such as dining, watching movies, swimming, working out, learning and playing new board games, and praying— all of which created special moments for each of us.” There is also time during the day for power naps and an indulgent skincare routine to cap off a long day.

Finding a New Direction

Life at home has likewise defined a new direction for her accessories brand, TdlG. Realizing the need to pivot, she developed a home line that showcases new expressions though resin and acrylic. Tweetie explains, “I eventually started TdlG Home, offering all-purpose trays of recycled Narra wood with acrylic and/or resin art, jeweled tassels for home decor and others.”

Apart from Tweetie’s new designs, a spirt of acceptance, faith and trust enhances their living space. “This is our life now and we are gratefully using this time productively and lovingly,” says the mother of four and entrepreneur. Like any parent, uncertainty creeps up especially where the future of her children are concerned. But Tweetie affirms, “All this is truly out of our hands. I trust in God that He alone will deliver us all from this dark period. And I trust my children, too, that they continue to learn nonetheless.”

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