What Kids Can Do In Metro Manila at Alert Level 1

Metro Manila and parts of the Philippines have been placed under the Alert Level 1 for the first time since the start of the pandemic

In case you don’t know, Metro Manila and parts of the country have been placed under Alert Level 1 after discussions with the IATF. This is the first time the country has been placed at the lowest alert level since March 2020.

Under Alert Level 1, all establishments and transportation can now operate 100% full capacity. Traveling is now allowed as well as gatherings, and people can now work in full capacity. The IATF is set to make a new announcement if this will continue onwards as the Department of Health and other sectors continue to monitor COVID-19 cases.

Metro Manila Alert Level 1

What you and your kids can do

With Metro Manila under Alert Level 1, you’re probably asking where can you and your kids go? As stated under the classification, kids are now allowed to go out (but still adhering to protocols of course). They are allowed to go to:

Tourists attractions– these include beaches, churches, and historical sites parents can bring their kids for educational purposes

Amusement parks – Kids will definitely want to troop over to the amusement park for some fun and games

Museums – Kids are naturally curious just like us. Bring them to museums in the Metro and let them learn about our country’s culture

Parks – Fresh air is a must for our kids so it’s highly recommended to take them to parks and be surrounded by Mother Nature

Recreational areas – Kids and teens have been stuck in the house for so long that they would want to go to gaming arcades to play. Other places include skateboarding and ice skating rinks.

Movie theaters – Almost three years since the pandemic began, the movie theaters are slowly reopening again. The best news of them all is that kids and parents can now eat inside the theater.

Don’t forget to practice protocols even if it’s Alert Level 1!

Although we’re now in the lowest form of alert, let us still practice the protocols. Bring sanitizers, alcohol, or cleansing wipes with you when out with the kids. Wear your masks and practice distancing. Until COVID-19 becomes endemic, we will have to be more patient and hope for the day we can take off the mask and breath again without worries.

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