Metro Manila now at Alert Level 2!

Things are looking up as Metro Manila and other areas appear ready for the Alert Level 2!

Starting February 1, 2022 and ending February 15, 2022, several areas including Metro Manila are now dropping to Alert Level 2. Recoveries appear to be outpacing those infected and if we do get infected, we’re already isolating ourselves at home. After our first bout with ECQ, we’d already prepared ourselves for another battle against COVID-19. But this time, our battle with COVID-19 is to finally get our lives back. We won’t have to fear infections and our kids can finally go out again.

When and how did this happen?

With LGU’s placing more effort in getting everybody vaccinated and boosted, Metro Manila and other areas have slowed down the infections worthy of going back to Alert Level 2. There’s also been the release of COVID-19 care kits for those who are isolating at home. Even QC has been proudly posting how their HOPE care facilities — the one they usually used for COVID-19 patients — are no longer filled and bursting. Because of this, there’s now more effort directed towards getting our kids and tweens vaccinated. Adults are boosted and teens are jabbed. It’s now the tweens’ and kids’ turns to get their jabs to push COVID-19 further back. And if our kids can’t get their COVID-19 jabs yet then, we can complete the others so they don’t get any co-infections.

Currently, other areas besides Metro Manila heading into Alert 2 are Batanes, Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, Biliran, Basilan, and Southern Leyte.

We’re doing a great job!

Because we’ve learned to #stayhome, hospitals are not bursting like they were last 2020. We also learned how to fight COVID-19 at home to help keep the infection isolated. But Alert Level 2 doesn’t mean we should let up. It’s tempting to be able to freely go out again. But we only can by maintaining the proper safety and health protocols. And also, make sure that our families — especially our kids — are fully vaccinated. Otherwise, COVID-19 might just latch onto an unvaccinated individual and trigger another lockdown in Metro Manila.

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