Winwyn Marquez Is Expecting A Baby Girl!

The actress and beauty queen announced her pregnancy last December 18

Actress and beauty queen Winwyn Marquez and her partner are expecting a baby girl. On Friday, December 31, Winwyn posted on her YouTube account the gender reveal party she and her partner’s family had.

The party was attended by Winwyn’s parents Joey Marquez and Alma Moreno. Some of her siblings were also present while close friends also watched via Zoom.

The reveal was made when Winwyn and her partner popped a balloon, revealing pink confetti.

Last video before 2022

In the video’s description, Winwyn wrote that she cannot wait to “meet mini Winwyn next year.”

“2021 was a year of so many realizations – taught me how not to take the small things for granted, to not waste any time in doubt and fear, to make a move and not be stuck thinking the question ‘what if?’ Also, thankful that my family was all safe from any sickness though there were scares.. everyone was well and healthy,” she wrote.

She also said that the year also gave her the partner she prayed for.

“2021 gave me the best things despite our situation now. God gave me a partner who gives me infinite love and support and I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for him. We have a love story only a few can relate to and after 24 years of knowing each other, growing up together, achieving goals on our own – we finally meet in the middle (it’s like destiny brought us together at the perfect time) now we’re finally starting our little family. We just can’t wait to meet our daughter next year!”

On New Year’s Day, Winwyn posted more photos of her baby’s gender reveal party, saying: “Pure Bliss.
Happy 1st day of 2022.”

Congratulations Winwyn! We can’t wait to meet your baby girl soon!

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