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6 Fun and Easy DIY Storage Hacks For The House

To keep the clutter to a minimum, here are some fun and easy DIY storage hacks to maintain order in the house.

We’ve accumulated things over the years. Whether it’s old heirlooms from our own parents or items from celebrations, one of the rooms in the house will eventually be assigned as the bodega or storage room. It could be the basement, your eldest kid’s room (after they move out), or even the garage! But not to worry, here are some fun and easy DIY storage hacks to keep the clutter down.

1. Plastic Takeout Containers for office supplies

Stationaries and office supplies can really make a mess. Especially when we’re cramming our kid’s homeschool portfolio on a Saturday night, their rooms have ball pens, erasers, and supplies scattered everywhere! Instead of buying a pencil case or storage bin, we can put those plastic containers from takeout to good use. With our trusty labeler, any plastic container can turn into an office supply box.

2. Mason Jars as spice keepers

A lot of restaurants use mason jars either for drinks or for cookies. Since mason jars are airtight, they’re perfect for keeping spices like onion powder, which hardens if its container isn’t airtight. Dried spices such as thyme, chili flakes, cinnamon, and even Szechuan peppercorns need airtight containers. It’s the perfect DIY storage hack for spices especially if there’s a foodie at home.

3. Hanging shelves inside the closet for clothes

Our favorite clothes need a spot and hanging shelves are the perfect DIY storage hack. Available on Lazada and Shopee, these hanging shelves have velcro as a fastener, making them easy to remove if you want to clean them. Some shops even come with drawers so that the clothes won’t be exposed. Unfortunately, the shelves can only handle clothes so shoes might need a rack of their own.

4. Car spray bottles for alcohol and Lysol mixtures

Our fear of the pandemic has made us more paranoid of germs, making us arm every nook and cranny of the house with alcohol or Lysol. To better equip the house, ask dad for some bottles of coolant, or even tire cleaner. The majority of car care products come in a spray bottle and all it needs is a bit of washing for it to be used again. It’s a cheap and sustainable DIY storage hack for disinfectants.

5. Rice sacks for plastic bags

Wondering what to do with old rice sacks? A cute DIY storage hack for it is to use it as storage for plastic bags. Some of us prefer keeping plastic bags out of sight or storing them under the sink in the kitchen. But moisture can build up, which is what the rice sacks are for. The rice sacks can keep all the plastic bags together and prevent them from getting dust, dirt, and mold.

6. Detergent Bars > Mothballs

This DIY storage hack is more of keeping the storage’s inside clean. Mothballs are made of Naphthalene which is poisonous to any living creature. But you need something to keep the bugs out. What some of us moms do is we buy a small anti-bacterial detergent bar of our favorite scent (so long as it’s anti-bacterial) and hide it under the clothes. It’s a less poisonous alternative that keeps the bugs away and has clothes smelling good.

Living spaces are getting smaller and smaller!

Although we have our dream houses, we have to balance out our needs with pragmaticism. Some furniture pieces are made for dual purposes such as sofas and ottomans having storage, folding coffee tables, etc. Even with these furnishing solutions, it’s best to keep the clutter to a minimum. Otherwise, how else would our homes spark joy?

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