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6 Places to Grab A Quick Bagel Craving in Metro Manila and Beyond

On the go and want something quick to eat for breakfast in Metro Manila? Why not a bagel!

A bagel is not something that Filipinos would think of when getting breakfast. But a bagel can get you throughout your morning routine especially when you have several errands. Some bakeshops have been offering bagels for a while and if you want to heat them by yourself and get spreads, then here’s a list you can check out to satisfy your bagel craving in Metro Manila.

Bagel Brats

Bagel Brats has earned itself a cult following among people including celebrities and influencers in the country. You can buy their mini bagels for a pack of 12 in three different flavors. You can also buy their cream cheese spreads which come in eight flavors.

Know more about Bagel Brats via their Instagram account.

Bagel S’wich

Whether you want to eat plain or make it into a sandwich, Bagel S’wich has it for you. You can choose from three types of sandwiches, one of them, the SFJ or just buy a plain or flavored bagel and spread some cream cheese. They do it via orders online so better check updates for it.

And did we mention that they offer D.I.Y. kits as well?

Check out more information about Bagel S’wich on their Instagram.

28 Derby

Those living in Whites Plains, Quezon City can get their quick bagel stop at 28 Derby for an affordable price. Aside from bagels, they also have other types of bread to choose from baked fresh every day.

You can drop by 28 Derby at 28 Derby Street, White Plains, Quezon City or check out their website to shop.

Booya Bagels

Booya bagels have been getting their own following since they started. You can order them in a set of three or six and put some good cream cheese to enjoy for breakfast or a quick snack.

Check out Booya Bagels via Instagram.

Pan de Mya Bakery

If you’re looking for AmBagelCo products then head over to Pan de Maya where you can stock up on bagels and schmears. You can also buy them in a pack of three or six depending on how you consume your bagels.

Head over to Pan de Mya via Instagram.

Mad Bagels

If you want to go beyond the usual bagel flavors then Mad Bagels may be just for you. Aside from the New York-style bagels we know, they also have chocolate and cheddar jalapeno. For those who want mini ones, you can get bagel bites stuffed with cream cheese. Do we need to convince you more?

Check out more information about Mad Bagels via their Instagram.

Have a bagel when you can in Metro Manila

Traveling to New York where bagels are a must-try may be far from now due to restrictions but with the various online sellers and bakeries making bagels here in Metro Manila, you’ll get the chance to experience biting into one and savoring it. Having a bagel is definitely worth it.

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