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A Dad’s Short Guide To Girls’ Hairstyles

Here’s a guide to hairstyles for little girls in case dad needs a reference.

When it comes to hairstyling or hair care, that’s usually up to mom because she’s got a design plan. But when mom’s not home, the responsibility falls on dad. It’s new territory for them, of course. They never had hair that long! My dad was pretty confused with it half the time. When my mom wasn’t around, he would just give me a hairband, and we’d both shrug, “Eh, it works.” So to help all the new girl dads out there, here’s a short guide to girls’ hairstyles for dads.

1. Ponytail

A ponytail is the most basic hairstyle for little girls with medium to long hair. Remember how you used to make rubber band guns with your fingers as a kid? Same concept. Take a hair tie and put your daughter’s hair through it. Next, twist the hair tie until it looks like a “Figure 8”. Using the hole without hair, shoot the hair right through and let it fall. Tip: Sometimes, the hair tie can be a bit loose so you’ll have to repeat the tying process one more time so it secures the hair.

2. High Ponytail

Similar to the first one, except positioned higher. Again, hold your daughter’s hair as if ready to make a ponytail. But instead of keeping it right above her nape, you’re going to have to gather it higher. As in, the same level as the tip of her ears. Then, repeat how you made a ponytail. Shoot the hair into the hair tie and twist the hair tie into a “figure 8”. Shoot the hair again into the other hole and then voila! If it’s too loose, repeat the same process.

3. Low Pigtails

This hairstyle is like making two little ponytails but at chin level. Divide the hair down the middle until you see a straight line. Then, make a ponytail. You’ll notice that it will only be one side. Repeat it on the other side and make sure both tails are at the base of the head, right above the nape.

4. High pigtails

Similar to low pigtails except these are like two ponytails sprouting from the side of the head. This hairstyle works best if your little girl has really long hair and loves ribbons and little trinkets to add. Oh, and if she loves sports but hates it when her hair swats her back. Part the hair in the middle, making a hairline. Except the hairline should be at the top of the head. From there, divide the hair into two equal parts and secure them with a hair tie. Same technique—shoot hair into the tie, twist into a figure 8, and then thread the hair through it again to make one high pigtail. Make sure the “tail” is hanging above the ear and also that both pigtails are even.

5. 3-Strand Braid

Braids are a little trickier. Instead of two, you’ll need to give your daughter’s hair into three different strands. From there, you’ll have to do some criss-cross work. Best to label your strands as 1, 2, and 3. From there, weave them together. The key to this technique is that no weave should be consecutive. For example, if you wove strands 1 and 2, your next should either be 1 and 3 or 2 and 3. Once it’s long enough, just secure it with a hair tie. Shoot the unbraided hair through the hair tie, twist the hair tie into a figure 8 and then thread the hair again through the other hole. For a better view, here’s a video to show you how.

Dads can do hair, too!

Sometimes, getting prepared to go somewhere takes so long because dads usually leave the fashion and hairstyling to mom. But sometimes, it’s good for dads to know even the most basic of girl hairstyles. What if mom’s sick or not home? Besides, there’s no shame in learning how to style your daughter’s hair. Moms would appreciate the help and daughters would love the quality bonding time with dad.

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