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Annabelle Rama to Daughter-in-Law Alexa Gutierrez: “You are Beautiful”

Annabelle Rama tells her daughter-in-law Alexa Gutierrez that she is beautiful and to remain strong as she battles leukemia.

Annabelle Rama is known to be a feisty and vocal woman in showbiz, most especially when it comes to her family. But it was a different tone when she shared a message for her daughter-in-law Alexa Gutierrez, who is currently fighting leukemia.

In an Instagram post, Annabelle admitted she is affected by Alexa’s condition. “Hindi parin ako makapaniwala. Kasi ang bait bait mong manugang at sobrang masinop sa asawa at mga anak mo.

[Translation: I still cannot believe what happened to you. You are one of the nicest people I know and you work hard for your husband and kids.]

Saying that she has known Alexa for a while now, the talent manager added that she loves Alexa so much and is like her own daughter.

Alam mong hindi ako vocal sa nararamdaman ko pero alam kong alam mo na mahal kita na parang anak ko na. Kaya alam kong gagaling ka. Habang pinapatex ko ito hindi ko mapigilan umiyak. I love you Alexa! Don’t worry nakalbo ka, para sa akin ikaw ang pinaka magandang kalbo!”

[Translation: You’re aware that I’m not vocal with my feelings, but I know that you know how much I love you like my own. And I know you will get well. While I’m writing this, I cannot help but cry. I love you, Alexa! Don’t worry about being bald. You are the most beautiful bald person ever.]

Annabelle also assured Alexa to not worry about her kids, as she and her husband Eddie Gutierrez are taking care of them while she recovers.

Source: alexaugutz Instagram

Alexa to Annabelle: Thank you for being there

In the comments section of the post, Alexa thanked Annabelle for treating her like her own daughter.

“I love you too! Praise God I have you and buba Eddie taking care of the kids while I’m undergoing treatment. Thank you for loving the kids like your own,” Alexa wrote. “Super unconditional love ka mag mahal and super maalaga. Aria and Ezra are so lucky to have you as grandparents.”

She also praised Annabelle for raising Elvis well. “I’m so blessed to have your son as my husband the most gentle and kindest man who never stops loving me,” she wrote. “I thank God everyday for you guys and your love that overflows.”

Alexa recently shared that she had to shave her hair as she recuperated from the condition.

“I was getting emotional seeing all my hair fall in chunks. I was getting mad and wanted to change my emotions quickly. We went for it and decided time for the new look,” she wrote. “[I] always wanted to try this hairstyle but never had the guts. Now I’m liberated.”

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