Lorin Bektas Gets Annabelle Rama to Narrate Her Makeup Tutorial

Netizens could not help but be amused as Lorin Bektas, daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez, posted a video of how her lola Annabelle narrated her video.

Lorin Bektas, Ruffa Gutierrez‘s daughter, has been in the public eye since she was born. And ever since setting up a TikTok account, she has amassed many followers as well. In one of her recent videos, Lorin, who loves sharing makeup tips, asked no less than her grandmother Annabelle Rama to narrate the video. What followed next was amusement and sweet messages from followers.

Lorin on Annabelle: She does not know how TikTok works

In the video, Annabelle can be heard narrating the steps of Lorin’s makeup. In the caption posted on TikTok, Lorin wrote: “Highly requested makeup tutorial narrated by my lola hahahaha. She doesn’t know how Tiktok works so I had to guide her and her Netflix is playing in the background.”

@loringabriella highly requested makeup tutorial narrated by my lola hahahaha she doesnt know how tiktok works so i had to guide her and her netflix is playing in the background #fyp #grwm ♬ original sound – lorin

At one point, she mistook the bronzer for blush and later told Lorin, “Dami pala ng makeup mo Lorin!”

Annabelle often called her anak on the video to which one of Lorin’s followers commented: “Hearing her call you anak healed something in me. This vid is so comforting.” Lorin in return thanked the follower, saying she was glad her videos could help make her feel better.

Grandmother and granddaughter bonding

Annabelle Rama is often seen as a feisty woman in showbiz. But when it comes to her grandchildren, she’s different. She may be strict and firm with them occasionally, but the bond with Lorin and her other grandkids is lovely to see.

Here’s to more bonding moments between Lorin and Annabelle that truly warms the heart!

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