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4 Father And Daughter Lessons We Learn From Dingdong and Jayda Avanzado

Dingdong Avanzado and his daughter Jayda appeared as guests on Fast Talk where they shared life as artists and their relationship with each other

Being in showbiz is tough, especially when a child follows in their parents’ footsteps. In the case of Jayda Avanzado, she is lucky that her parents, singers Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza are supportive and would often talk to her about the business and life in general.

During their appearance on Fast Talk last July 1 to promote Dingdong’s concert on July 19, the father and daughter talked about their relationship and challenges they faced in the music industry. Here are some lessons we got from the interview.

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Trusting one’s decisions

During the interview, Boy asked Dingdong about his conversations with Jayda regarding relationships. The “Right Time, Wrong Lover” singer confirmed that she and Darren Espanto has dated in the past.

According to Dingdong, he feels some boys are intimidated by his daughter’s presence. ” Siguro sa umpisa mag-aattempt. But after a while, I don’t know but probably they’ll have second thoughts. She’s got a strong personality. She’s got a good head above her shoulders. I trust her that she’ll choose well,” he said of his daughter’s future partner.

The “Basta Kasama Kita” crooner added he has always reminded Jayda to enjoy life and to know her priorities.

The importance of giving a guy perspective

Jayda is Dingdong and Jessa’s only child and it’s important to give insights from a guy’s perspective in Dingdong’s case.

” I think any dad magsisinungaling kung hindi sila concern para sa anak nilang babae,” he said of his previous relationships. “Looking at my past, yung sinasabi nilang pangbayad utang… i don’t let that take over.”

“I make sure na kinakausap ko si Jayda and I always present to her from the perspective of a guy. Para alam din niya what runs in a guy’s head.”

Photo from jayda and dingdongavanzado Instagram

Longevity today and yesterday

Longevity has always been a challenge in showbiz and both father and daughter have their thoughts about the evolution especially in music.

“There are pros and cons to that. I’ve talked with several people and it’s just the turnover time in the music industry now is napakabilis,” Jayda observed. “Kung ano man yung sikat nitong week na ito baka iba na iyon by next week.”

Jayda added that she has also seen the importance of being relevant and catching the audience, which she takes as a challenge but also staying true to herself. In addition, her mom previously asked her if she was ready for an industry that constantly asks to prove oneself to others.

Dingdong on his part said that while he had a friendly rivalry with his counterparts (Randy Santiago, Janno Gibbs, Ogie Alcasid), they were focus on improving their craft.

“We constantly try to find ways to be endearing to the public,” he said. “Like what Jayda said, madaling sumikat but to stay on that level, yung longevity, mahirap iyon.”

“Sa amin noon ilan lang ang platforms – TV and radio. If you go through that mas madali in that sense [kasi] pumasok ka na sa radyo, pumasok ka na sa TV, everyone is tune in,” Dingdong continued. ” Now madmai na puwede puntahan. Puwede sikat ka sa isang grupo pero hindi ka kilala sa kabila ng society.”

Photo from jessazaragoza and dingdongavanzado Instagram

They take care of their voices differently

As singers, they must take care of their voices. Dingdong shared that he does not have a specific routine for vocalizing but Jayda has.

” I do something similar. Growing up I had a voice teacher and I worked with a vocal coach in the U.S. There’s a lot of facial massage [going],” she explained.

The facial exercise she says releases tension and opens the muscles when they start singing the song.

Closeness to each other

While Dingdong and Jayda have different styles about their craft, their relationship is tight. In a previous interview with Toni Gonzaga, Dingdong shared he’s happy that his opinions always matter to jayda.

“When she talks and certain nuggets of what I tell her come out, I feel touched because nakikinig pala siya. My approval and my opinion matter to her,” he said.

So for fathers like Dingdong out there, talk to your daughters because they will be the blueprint of the man they meet along the way.

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