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Here’s How To Adopt a Tropical Look for a Christmas

Instead of the typical snowflakes and tinsel, let’s try a more tropical look for our Christmas this year.

Christmas is usually a cold holiday but what if we tried something more tropical and warm? It’s something new and at the same time, it would be supporting the local industry and buying pieces that can be used even past Christmas. But if we’re not trying to renovate the house, maybe it can be a nice housewarming gift for our friends and family who are moving to another place. If we’re going to make Christmas warmer this year, it’s time we #supportlokal and bring the tropics at home.

Adopting a Tropical Christmas

1. Tropicalē

Audrey Pastelero’s Tropicalē creates pieces and toys that can easily fit in the living room even when they’re no longer being used. Her signature piece, the Kalabaw Rocker, started waves when she wanted to engage her son in more pretend play. She’s expanded her collection to other pieces such as Peacock Chairs, Solihiya Baskets, planters, dividers, and other home items to bring the dearly missed tropical feelings home for Christmas. You can check out the collection on either her Instagram or on Fun Nest PH.

2. Solano Lamps

Most lamps come in modern designs nowadays but how about something a little more woven to add some tropical spunk? Not only do Solano Lamps serve an interesting Christmas gift but it might even inspire some tropical Hawaiian Christmas feels if that’s our peg for the year. They have different patterns and even have a plain, woven rattan lampshade for those who are looking into something more minimalist. Check out more of their stuff on IG.

tropical christmas

3. E. Murio

E. Murio‘s got several finely crafted and useful wooden pieces like stands and racks to help us in our pursuit for a tropical look for Christmas. They have bookshelves which we can adorn with some tinsel or some woven houses that we can add to our Christmas village if we’re scared to bring out the ceramics. Besides, the best part about these pieces is that them being simple means we can do all sorts of other designs with them.

4. Kassa

What better way to simulate a tropical island Christmas than to change some of our dining ware into something more green or earthy? It took us a while to realize that we took a lot of nature’s beauty for granted and we’ve been struggling to find designs that emulate garden living. Kassa has some cute tropical-themed linens to match with our other tropical pieces or to make our boodle fight for Christmas more classy.

tropical christmas
tropical christmas

5. Cura V

How about a little natural gloss and glassy texture to add to our tropical-themed homes? Cura V’s done a lot of collaborations with other tropical and natural-themed brands that have a variety of curations to create a tropical-themed Christmas. They’ve done glass pitchers, leaf-shaped plates, glass vases, and other artisanal houseware in earthy colors that are easy on the eyes and flexible enough to adjust to any design.

6. Kila

Since we’re bringing plants in the house, how about getting more spunky pots? Kila has a variety of pot designs to house our indoor plants. It’s also more lightweight instead of bringing in the usual heavy clay pot or the blue and white vases we usually find. They bring a more modern but still tropical touch to our homes, giving our designs personality. If you’re planning to bring some Poinsettias inside, maybe you can use one of Kila‘s pots to make them stand out more.

A local and tropical Christmas ought to change things up!

Many of us know Christmas as a winter event. But trying a more tropical and breezy approach to this years’ Christmas might add some warmth and joy that COVID-19’s taken away. Not only do these natural, woven pieces change up our homes but they also give our local weavers some warmth and joy for their Christmas. Plus, it’s sustainable since we can use these pieces even after Christmas.

Looking for more stuff this Christmas? Check it out here!

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