MEGA Magazine Celebrates 30 Years of Rebirth

MEGA Magazine, which has featured some of the most inspiring mothers, celebrates its 30th-anniversary issue with three iconic cover stars representing the most relevant causes.

MEGA Magazine, the country’s pioneering fashion and lifestyle publication, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, the magazine is highlighting its many rebirths throughout the years—starting with a special print and digital issue. Moreover, it tackles the cycle of life, reinvention, the chance to restart, and the revitalization of the world we live in.

Over three decades, MEGA Magazine has become a powerhouse brand. It’s even synonymous with high fashion and style. Likewise, it ignites inspiration among many Filipinos. The brand consistently adapts to the changes in times, elevates local talents, and challenges the status quo. It’s no surprise that MEGA is 30 years strong. Additionally, it continues to be the Philippines’ best fashion magazine.

MEGA Magazine and Its Lineup of Inspiring Mothers

Among its February covers throughout the years are stylish mothers. These women continue to inspire and empower Filipinas to this day. The list includes the likes of Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis, Judy Ann Santos, Marian Rivera, and Ruffa Gutierrez.

Now on its 30th year, MEGA aims to give back to the community. In an effort to unify and uplift the Filipino spirit, it will feature three iconic cover stars. Each one represents different causes for this year’s anniversary issue. Furthermore, 100% of print sales will be donated to victims of Typhoon Odette.

With this goal, MEGA intends to encourage its readers and remind them that together, we can all heed, help, and heal as one nation.

First, A Cause to Heal

Living in these most unusual times, MEGA calls on everyone to do their part in the ongoing pandemic. MEGA begins its cause internally by means of healing and putting health and wellbeing at the forefront.

Next, A Cause to Help

Second—it is high time we listen and pay attention to Mother Nature’s cry for help. Beyond rebuilding communities that have been greatly devastated by Typhoon Odette, MEGA acknowledges that we must also take part in prevention efforts as well as the restoration and rehabilitation of our country.

Lastly, A Cause to Heed

Spearheading the nation towards a brighter tomorrow is a responsibility we owe to the next generation. This is especially timely with the upcoming 2022 elections. MEGA would like to ascertain that the future stakeholders of our nation are guided with love, integrity, and compassion. Mothers and fathers who wish for a brighter future for their children can also certainly agree.

MEGA Magazine and Its Cover Stars

The cover stars will be varied: strong females of all ages. In addition, they serve as inspirations for MEGA and its readers. From the youngest ever cover star to one of the Philippines’ most iconic and respected actresses and one of the biggest stars of her generation, these muses will be the brave faces for the causes.

The official cover releases will be revealed on February 4. Be sure to check out MEGA Magazine’s social media accounts and website as this will set the tone for its month-long 30th-anniversary celebration.

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