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Misagh Bahadoran Jumps For Joy at Their Gender Reveal

Azkal player Misagh Bahadoran’s expression of his and Riza’s baby gender reveal is as if all his dreams suddenly came true.

During gender reveals, dads are often the ones on the side just clapping. But Azkal Forward and Midfielder Misagh Bahadoran didn’t wait for the moment to sink in as he and Riza popped the balloon to reveal their incoming baby’s gender. Once the pink confetti and balloons scattered, he immediately started jumping for joy and exclaimed “about always wanting a girl” amidst the loud music playing in the video.

It’s a dream come true for this soon-to-be girl dad.

Misagh Bahadoran Jumps For Joy at Their Gender Reveal
Source: misagh_9 Instagram Reel

Sharing sports with both daughters and sons

While many dads dream of playing sports with their sons, there are also many dads who love the peacefulness of having a daughter. They will gladly indulge their daughter by joining their tea parties and becoming their canvas for makeup testing out of love. Although, that’s not to say that there are no dads who share their sports with their daughters.

While it’s too early to tell what Misagh and Riza’s daughter will be into, who knows? She might be into football eventually!

Life beyond football

Most journeys of soon-to-be parenthood are usually ones of mothers. But for dads, it’s a different story especially when it’s a dream they’ve been praying for. Each girl dad’s journey is unique and for Misagh, his daughter will not just have him and Riza, but also his close friends from the football club.

According to Misagh’s social media, he’s been quite busy with his work in dentistry, owning and building up the Global Elite Dental Clinic in Makati. But that’s not to say he hasn’t been working on his football skills. He formally moved to play midfielder and forward for the Maharlika Manila FC last 2020, granting him a provisional license to play in the PFL on September 1.

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