PHOTOS: Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing’s Son Ezren Turns 1 with a Dinoland Party!

Actor Rocco Nacino and athlete Melissa Gohing celebrated their son Ezren’s first birthday with a dinosaur-themed party.

The first birthday of a child is always a big deal for new parents. More often than not, they throw big celebrations to commemorate the special milestone. And that’s exactly what couple Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing did for their son Ezren, who turned a year old just this month. On Monday, October 9, Rocco shared photos from the dinosaur-themed celebration he and Melissa organized. It was held at Sitio Elena Events.

“We know you won’t remember your birthday party. But we’ll make sure to show you all of these beautiful photos and videos when you grow up. Happy birthday @ezrenraffaellonacino,” Rocco wrote.

Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing's Son Ezren Turns 1 with a Dinoland Party!
Source: nacinorocco Instagram

Party Station arranged the party and was responsible for the beautiful and creative setup. Meanwhile, Nice Print Photography took the photos. Nice Print has actually been documenting the family’s milestones for a while now.

Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing's Son Ezren Turns 1 with a Dinoland Party!
Source: nacinorocco Instagram

Ezren is growing up so fast!

Since Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing welcomed Ezren last year, they have been documenting every milestone of his life. Melissa has also been active in talking about her motherhood journey, including the time she had challenges getting pregnant.

It was in January 2021 when Rocco and Melissa tied the knot. Rocco is currently seen in the GMA afternoon drama The Missing Husband. Meanwhile, Melissa, who is a former volleyball player of the Creamline Cool Smashers, is focused on being a hands-on mom while empowering other new mothers.

Happy, happy first birthday to Ezren! We hope you enjoyed your dino-themed celebration.

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