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Pops Fernandez is Excited to Be a Lola!

Just call her Lolli-pop as Pops Fernandez shared that she and her ex-husband Martin Nievera will soon be grandparents through their son Robin.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Pops Fernandez. But recently, the singer-actress announced she has signed up with Viva Artist Agency which has projects lined up for her. She also confirmed that she will be a grandmother courtesy of her son Robin with ex-husband Martin Nievera.

Pops Fernandez is Excited to Be a Lola!
Source: Pops Fernandez Youtube

Pops Fernandez: Call me Lolli-pop

Speaking to ABS-CBN, she said that she is excited to be a lola soon and even had a gender reveal last month when she visited her kids.

“Call me Lolli-Pops,” she said, adding that Martin has yet to share what he wants to be called. According to Pops, Robin and his girlfriend are expected to welcome their baby boy sometime in 2024.

“Kuya [Robin] and his girlfriend will bring the new addition to our family,” she shared. “That’s going to happen either latter part of this year or early 2024. We did a gender reveal. It will be a boy. Gusto ko sana girl, but a baby is a baby and as long as he is healthy, he is such a blessing. We can’t wait to meet our new baby boy.”

Pops also mentioned she is looking forward to being a grandparent soon just like her contemporaries.

Pops Fernandez is Excited to Be a Lola!
Source: popsfernandezofficial Instagram

Pops to return to acting

For her return, Pops Fernandez shared that she is looking forward to doing some acting again. She was last seen in the 2006 film Zsa Zsa Zaturnah with Zsa Zsa Padilla.

“I want to start with a light project as a warm-up because I haven’t done movies in a long time. Although I will not mind doing a thriller because that’s what I love to watch. More of a thinking thriller,” she said.

“Not too much of a drama, because I’ve been there in real life. I will welcome comedy, too, or even a romantic-comedy.”

Pops also confirmed she will be doing solo concerts again. Her concert series is scheduled for 2024.

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