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Saab Magalona’s Insights Reveal The Protective Mama In All Of Us

Celebrity mom Saab Magalona shares her insights of relief and doubt when Pancho made it into a regular school.

One of the greatest struggles of parents who have a child with special needs is finding a school that can cater to them. And for celebrity mom Saab Magalona, it was a mix of both doubt and relief when she allowed her son with cerebral palsy, Pancho, to attend regular school. “It was recommended by his neurodevelopmental pediatrician that he surround himself with his peers and go to school,” she writes.

“But as a mom with birthing trauma, I thought of all sorts of excuses for him to stay home,” she admits.

The fear of letting go

It’s difficult for any mother to let go of their child; all the more if they already experienced nearly losing them once. The “birthing trauma” — as Saab aptly describes it — can sometimes be the source of our excuses and fears when fighting the need to let our kids go. “I almost lost him. Absolutely not.” ,
“He’ll be safe if he’s just at home.”, “What if something happens and I’m not there?” enumerates Saab.

Most especially because Pancho has cerebral palsy, there are a lot of preparations that need to be made. As moms, our fierce love and protectiveness over our children who have special needs may make us a little more competitive and defensive especially when concerning their affairs, something that Saab confirms.

“I learned that parents with birthing trauma have a hard time sending their kids to school and sometimes we can even get competitive with the teachers. It’s been a struggle, but I know in my heart this is what’s good for Pancho.”

Saab Magalona's son Pancho
Source: saabmagalona Instagram

But in the end, we also know that letting go is what’s best for them

But like Saab, a part of us eventually realizes that it’s “good” to let go of our kids, even if they have special needs. Our excuses come from a valid place; we know that there’s a good portion of the world that may not be ready for them yet. But we also shouldn’t forget that despite having special needs, kids have a good tendency to surprise us. And for Saab Magalona, her son won’t be going alone. He’ll be accompanied by his Yaya Cheng!

“I started out skeptical, now I’m excited. Please pray that his first year of schooling goes well,” she adds. “Thank you, virtual ninangs and ninongs!”

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