Sam Cruz’s Nugget of Wisdom About Her Dad, Cesar Montano: “People Can Change.”

Sam Cruz opens up about how her being closer to her dad, Cesar Montano, proved that people can change.

The road to redemption is not easy when no one is willing to give it a shot. But the attendance of Cesar Montano at Sam Cruz’s debut revealed just how sometimes, second chances are all people need to become good. “God gave us a second chance to have a relationship with our dad,” Sam shares. “It’s just great that everyone’s so civil and everyone is getting along.”

Both her parents, Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano, attended her retro-themed debut.

Photo from Sunshine Cruz

Sam Cruz about Cesar Montano: “Second chances should always be given.”

Especially when wounds are deep, it’s not easy to offer that second chance. But Sam Cruz shows that it’s a risk she’s willing to take. According to her, she and her siblings have recently begun patching things up with their dad. They also met their siblings, Liam and Kristen, from his current non-showbiz partner, Soccorro “Tita Kath” Angeles.

“Second chances should always be given. People can change, [you] just need to bring the goodness out of them,” shares Sam in an interview with Star Magic.

Sunshine Cruz posted pictures of the Tres Marias and the whole family together, too.

Sam Cruz: “There’s really goodness in each and every one of us.”

Goodness isn’t easy to believe in a world that’s been jaded. But sometimes, it takes Sam Cruz’s optimism and wisdom in her relationship with her dad, Cesar Montano, to inspire others to believe it’s possible to change. It is certainly no easy road and both sides need to be willing. And when they are, it definitely goes down like a treat — just like Sam Cruz’s amazing debut.

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