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Sharon Cuneta’s Heartwarming Apology to KC Concepcion During Her Concert

Although co-parents will eventually work things out, there is one nagging regret they have and that’s what Sharon Cuneta bravely said during her concert to KC.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t give you a complete family.” — Those are the words that are pretty hard to say for many co-parents. It’s an acknowledgment that something went wrong with them as a parent and the kids are the ones who have to live with the mistake for the rest of their lives. Some would rather not mention it; there’s hope that time will heal all. But sometimes, it’s best to address it — the same way Sharon Cuneta did to KC during her Dear Heart concert.

“She [KC Concepcion] made my life complete and if there’s anything I regret…” Cuneta paused for a moment as the tears began to fall. “Sorry, KC. We couldn’t give you that complete family, but you have two families. Papa and I never stopped loving you, and you were never the problem.”

Sharon Cuneta's Heartwarming Apology to KC Concepcion During Her Dear Heart Concert
Source: kristinaconcepcion Instagram

So many feelings to address, so little time

When families fall apart, think of a tank that’s sprung a leak. You patch up one and then another one suddenly surprises you out of nowhere, followed by several smaller ones that eventually drive us mad. At some point, we will then feel it’s being quite generous today. Generous with problems, that is.

On top of the legal proceedings and the anguish, we tend to forget the little ones who will be affected most by our decisions. Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta went through both church and legal proceedings with their marriage being annulled in court in 1987 and in church, 1994. KC Concepcion, being born on April 7, 1985 — that would have made her around 1 to 2 years old when her parents officially split. It definitely wouldn’t be easy explaining that concept to a toddler!

But time has a way of offering opportunities to heal. All it needs is for someone to take it. Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion took that opportunity during the concert, singing a beloved love song “Ikaw” together. Then, Sharon made it clear that the song had a different meaning during her concert that night:

“Usually, this song [Ikaw] is sung as a love song for weddings, for someone you love. Tonight, I will sing it for my eldest daughter,” she declared, emphasizing her love for her four kids. “I have four children. I do not have three, I have four. The first child to come and make me feel like a mother was this not-so-little girl beside me.”

A bond that transforms

Not all relationships end well. But when they do, they transform into something beautiful again. Gabby’s words on stage after fetching his and Sharon’s daughter to join them on stage adds a new meaning to the title of Sharon’s concert: Dear Heart. “Ito ang madalas kong ipinagdadasal — na sana one day, we could sing a song together, tayong tatlo,” Gabby admitted. (I have been praying for this—that one day, the three of us could sing a song together.)

Ultimately, Sharon’s Dear Heart concert is a manifest of a dream that many co-parents wish for. The freedom and the unburdening of the guilt of not being able to create a complete family for their child while still harmoniously parenting with their former partner so their kids never forget where they come from. KC seems to appreciate it, too, as she responds to her mom’s apology with a few jabs and jokes but also with a loud, resounding, “I love you.”

Today KC Concepcion is enjoying the two families she has from both sides. Gabby Concepcion is currently with Genevieve Yatco Gonzales to which KC has two sisters, Samantha and Savannah. Sharon on the other hand is currently happy with her husband, Kiko Pangilinan, and KC has two sisters and one brother from that side: Frankie (also affectionately known as Kakie), Miel, and Miguel.

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