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5 Small Ways Moms Can Pamper Themselves

This pandemic’s a loud shoutout and alarm for us moms to pamper ourselves.

We always say that we moms deserve some pampering, especially with all the stress from the pandemic. But we hesitate sometimes because we think that the time we spend pampering ourselves can be used for something more productive. As moms, we can always start small to pamper ourselves. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as a grand dinner or as expensive as retail therapy. We’ve come up with small ways on how moms can pamper themselves.

1. Paint Your Nails!

Photo courtesy: @poshnails_ via instagram

Painting your nails may look more for teens but even we moms can get on with painting our nails with that fabulous, femme fatale rouge red. But we’re often intimidated by painting our nails because our hands can be a bit shaky or the nail polish will get on the furniture. We often went to Posh Nails to get our nails done but since the pandemic, they now sell DIY Manicure Kits that help even beginners on how to paint our nails properly.

2. Buy yourself some bath gels and bath bombs

Taking a shower’s always been fun especially after a long day and you just want hot water. But we can spice it up a little by adding some bath bombs and bath gels. Bath gels help moisturize and soothe the skin especially after using strong soaps to get rid of viruses and germs. They also come in sweet scents like if your travel plans for Japan got dashed, bring Japan to your home with some Cherry Blossom (AKA Sakura) scented gels and bombs. Plus, it breaks the monotony of just having water splashed on your face.

3. Have a little spa for your hands and feet

Our hands and feet do everything for us from walking to handling everything. While we do have moisturizer for our hands, we sometimes forget to give our feet a little treat too. Posh Nail’s Happy Heels Kit has Moisturizing Heel Balm and Hug My Heels Gel Heel Socks to help our heels heal from running around the house. After all, like what Cat Ilacad says, “A little TLC for our hands and feet is always a good idea.”

4. If a mom needs help pampering themselves, accompany them!

Photo courtesy: @nikkivaldez_ via instagram

We moms stick together especially if we need a pamper buddy! If a mom needs help pampering herself, join her. She’s probably a bit anxious especially if she’s the one managing the house. And sometimes, it takes another mom to tell her that she needs a little time for herself. It’ll take a bit of a push but once the ball gets rolling, pampering awaits. Besides, we can only give the best to our kids when we are at our best.

5. Experiment with some interesting nail art

Photo courtesy: @poshnails_ via instagram

Got the hang of the basics? The next step for us moms when we pamper ourselves is doing some fabulous nail art! Some of us use nail stickers from Claire’s or do our own version of French Tips. More artistic moms even use toothpicks and cotton swabs to paint pictures on their nails! Besides, it gives our nails more character especially when we’re trying to stand out during this pandemic. Check out Instagram for some interesting #nailart and use whatever you’ve learned from Posh Nail’s DIY manicure kit to make your perfect nail design!

We become the best moms we can be when we pamper ourselves occassionally

It’s a little strange at first when we moms pamper ourselves but it does pay off. The house will look a lot brighter, all the things that annoyed you will seem so small, and things will get done faster. Even if we’re just massaging Posh Nail’s Moisturizing Heel Balm or wearing their Hug My Heels Gel Heel Socks, we can show our bodies and minds some love with these little acts of service. Although the pandemic robbed us of being able to go to a spa, that doesn’t mean moms should not pamper themselves at home.

Ready to pamper yourself? Just shoot Posh Nails a message on their FB and avail of the spa kit of your choice!

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