John Pearce Teaches Counting in Filipino on The Wiggles!

The Wiggles member John Pearce, who is Filipino-Australian, teaches some basic Filipino alongside his mom, Flor!

If you or your kids are fans of The Wiggles, chances are you know that one of its current members is part Filipino. On Instagram reels, John Pearce—known as John Wiggle or Purple Wiggle—on the show shared a cute moment of counting in Filipino with his mom Flor.

The caption read: “Counting in Tagalog with John and his beautiful mum, Flor.”

John Pearce Teaches Counting in Filipino on The Wiggles!
Source: thewiggles and johnpearce Instagram

Several comments including sisters and actresses Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, were delighted to see the video. Anne, who has a daughter, Dahlia commented: “Ang GALING! Nakuha sa tingin nung wala ung lima. Hahaha.”

Another commenter wrote: “Filo kids feel being seen growing up in mainstream childhood shows. Thanks for the inclusivity @thewiggles .. @johnpearce @john_wiggle .”

Lesson from his Filipino heritage

John may be busy doing the show but he has not once forgotten his Filipino lineage. On his TikTok account, he would share hilarious videos of him and his mom. Here are just some of them.

@johnadamopearce If your not sure of the answer just make it up and sound confident 🤣 #fyp #mum #filipina #riddle ♬ original sound – John Pearce
@johnadamopearce Why did the Filipino banana call in sick at work? My mum makes me laugh! 🤣 #filipina #mum #fyp ♬ original sound – John Pearce

In an October 2023 interview with SBS Filipino, John shared how grateful he was to be part of the show, thanks to Wiggles member Anthony Fields.

“He (Anthony) just reached out one day and asked if I would be open to trying something and I thought… why not? This is Anthony whom I have been watching since I was a child… and I said yes,” John says, regarding his decision to join the show.

He also credits his mom Flor for the upbringing he has. “Filipino moms teach you to put family first and be sensitive. She’s been very supportive of what I want to do and to pursue.”

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