Babies in the Year of the Water Tiger: What Do They Say

For this Chinese New Year’s Zodiac, we say hello to all the Water Tiger babies!

The Chinese Zodiac last year was the Metal Ox which many Chinese also call the Golden Ox. The Ox zodiac’s known to be steadfast, strong, hardworking, and often stoic. But for the year 2022, the Chinese Zodiac for this year is the Tiger. Most Tiger-born kids, according to Chinese families and Feng Shui, are usually more assertive (which some may see as aggressive) but also are known to be logical and successful as they grow older. But since it’s the Year of the Water Tiger, here are some things they may say:

Tiger baby

1. Babies born in the Year of the Tiger may be a little more assertive

According to Chinese astrology, the Tiger personality’s normally passionate and dynamic. They can be quite expressive and at times, be a handful for those who have quieter personalities. For younger kids, you’ll notice that they might be more prone to back-talking and may say the darndest of things. Teens on the other hand may come off as daring and spontaneous, shocking most people with how fast their plans can change.

2. Tiger babies can be both “a bundle of joy and a holy terror” at the same time

Taken straight out of Theodora Lau’s book — A Handbook on Chinese Horoscopes, kids born in the Year of the Tiger can be “a bundle of joy and a holy terror” at the same time. It’s either they wreak the house or lift everybody’s spirits. Their curiosity is what makes them a joy to be with, always looking for a new adventure or thing to play with. However, they tend to be chatty which might need us to guide them a little where they take the topic.

3. Water Tiger Kids may be open to more experiences

In Chinese Astrology, Water is the element of flow, vitality, zest, and life. Pairing up with the Tiger zodiac means having an individual who is highly open to experiences. Babies born in the Year of the Water Tiger are open-minded to a lot of experiences. They can be quite realistic also which might make it easier for us as parents to teach them new things. They’re seen as people who are more intuitive with a good sense of judgment.

4. Water’s the calmer one among all the Tiger Kids.

Babies born in the year of the Water Tiger may have calmer personalities than the other Tigerborn. Being born under the water element means they’ll be more of a “go-with-the-flow” kind of Tiger rather than be insistent and stubborn in their ways. Besides being more flexible, Water Tiger kids are predicted to be more in control of their emotions. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop their main trait in being prone to procrastinating.

5. Tiger kids are more transparent with their feelings

Just as they are assertive with what they want, babies born in the year of the Tiger are also transparent with what they feel. You’ll probably see this when that little “skip” in their step is missing when they’re sad. Or, if they ran out of their favorite ice cream, the kids might be pouty. Because they’re transparent with their feelings, they’ll most likely be the ones to tell their playmate that they find their dress silly or their way of talking ear-piercing.

Tiger: A strong-willed but loveable child

Some say that if Tiger babies are not raised right, they’ll turn out entitled. But with proper positive discipline, some Chinese astrologists would say that a kid born in the year of the Tiger can become one of the family’s biggest sources of pride. Although their assertive personalities might rock the family’s boat every now and then, Tigerborn kids are definitely a spark of joy and adventure in any family’s life.

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