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Tricia Gosingtian: In A World Of Her Own

The young mother and Hinhin founder, Tricia Gosingtian, continues to create a space where she can be her most authentic self—sans the limelight that once shone on her illustrious fashion blogging career—and finds herself rooted in the things that matter most.

This story first came out in Modern Parenting’s 2022 print edition.

It’s evident how much Tricia Gosingtian has evolved — both in style and mindset. Much of this she attributes to becoming a mother and realizing that everything is just a phase and a work in progress. “The journey is undoubtedly difficult,” she starts. “But there’s definitely a tinge of excitement in shaking things up just when you’ve gotten the hang of them. I see it as a sign that I’ve probably gotten complacent.”

For the Hinhin founder, designer, and producer, motherhood is a gift that keeps on giving, which encompasses her understanding of fashion becoming much more complex. “I’ve gotten much kinder to myself ever since I became a mom. I see my current style as a phase and not something that should be fixed forever. It’s okay to change according to your needs at the moment. You’re still you.”

RG Gabunada, Tricia Gosingtian, Leo Gabunada, and Wabi

A Space Where She Can Safely And Happily Evolve

Part of this evolution includes embracing her different sides. “I started to hold more space for mom me, work me, everyday me, Instagram me — and embrace each unphotogenic, unshareable moment as equal, if not more beautiful than what people see me post online.”

On days she feels low or uninspired, she tries to check off even the most basic things on her to-do list. “Little by little, even by just fixing my bed in the morning, making breakfast for my loved ones, reading books to my son, or simply washing dishes or doing the laundry, I can move forward. Being of use and genuinely caring for others and my surroundings keep me from the dangers of wallowing in self-pity and hours of doom-scrolling on the couch.”

Once in a while, Tricia shares glimpses of her life at home, part of which is raising her toddler, Leo. She isn’t one to put up a front when it comes to the struggles and realities of parenting. “It’s comforting to know that we’re not alone whenever the situation calls for a little wake-up call or a little push. We’re all just trying to get by and look for a solution to everyday problems. At the end of the day, I know I will not regret doing something for myself or for my loved ones, even at a snail’s pace.”

Apart from designing pieces for her own clothing line, Hinhin, Tricia has collaborated twice with Elin, a maternity and nursing wear brand. And for the mother of an active two-year-old, a mom-friendly design is something easy as well as elegant. “It’s also something that can age well and can accommodate us at every stage of our lives. This means having discreet nursing access that can blend with the rest of our wardrobe even after weaning.”

Being a busy mom often means choosing comfort over style, which Tricia wholeheartedly accepts. “Sometimes, the situation just really calls for comfort over style, and that’s okay. One tip I can give is: Don’t be pressured to look perfect all the time. In your kids’ eyes, you’re enough, no matter what you wear.”

Tricia became pregnant with Leo shortly after she launched Hinhin in 2019. “It was as if I was growing two babies at the same time. I still managed to release two small collections before the pandemic hit, but had to take a back seat for a year for safety reasons. In 2021, we came back around the same time the world was opening up.”

Hinhin Dress by Tricia Gosingtian
Hinhin Dress by Tricia Gosingtian

Who is the Hinhin girl?

Tricia Gosingtian characterizes the Hinhin girl as someone in a world of her own—a reflection of herself where she has established a quiet and safe space away from life’s noise and impracticalities. “Hinhin is very personal. It is an expression of my internal dialogue. Hinhin makes each piece with love. Before production, I’ll usually test it out in the real world for weeks or even months, just to make sure that it’s completely functional and suitable to my lifestyle.”

A Refreshing Perspective For Every Mom

Despite selling out most of the limited-edition designs from every collection, Tricia finds herself going through the challenges of balancing her business and taking care of Leo. “It was very hard for me to get into the groove and find a sweet spot where I’m happy with both aspects of my life. I’m a very hands-on mom and so far surviving without a nanny for two and a half years now. The best thing I did for my sanity was sleep training with Ria of Himbing. She helped me put some semblance of order in my life, and more. More than learning about infant sleeping habits and behavior, I learned a lot about parenting oneself as well.”

This refreshing perspective of giving yourself care and compassion is perhaps one of Tricia Gosingtian’s ways of being kinder to herself. Anchored by this mindset, she continues to thrive in the quiet, solitary world she has created.

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