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6 Ways How To Bounce Back From Election Fatigue

The 2022 Elections, being one of the most emotionally charged, has brought on a lot of election fatigue.

What appears to be the most emotionally-charged elections has drained everybody. The hype, campaigning, the battle against fake news — we now find ourselves in the aftermath of a war. Some with uncertainty; some with joy. Social media is spiking with all sorts of interactions which can drain us badly. We call this phenomenon election fatigue and this is how we can bounce back from it.

1. Deactivate your social media

Social media is a cesspool right now of toxicity because of election fatigue and other things. Unfortunately, the culture we are in has both sore losers and awful winners. Cancel culture now rooting itself harder than ever leaves no room for dialogue. It can drive anyone up the wall. With this, we suggest deactivating your social media. Put everything on hold. And while many moms work from home as social media managers, focus on content creation for now. Keep exposure to social media to at least 20 minutes a day.

2. Do something not usually in your routine.

The break from a routine can help lessen election fatigue. Because the elections became a big part of our routines, it’s strange realizing now that it’s over. Personally, I realized that I had stopped cooking and instead started ordering Grab. To my dismay, in the long run, I ended up spending more. With that in mind, I went to Cash and Carry and S&R to reawaken the frustrated Masterchef in me. Whatever rage I had was translated into mincing the garlic, smashing chicken with a meat tenderizer, butterflying a tilapia, and drinking a 72-hour cold brew.

3. Sit with someone who’s been with you the whole journey

election fatigue

Letting go of something means finding a relic of that moment in time. Talking to a friend who was with you during the whole elections and campaign period can help ease the tension. They’ll also be there to help talk it out because they were there with you. Studies have shown that talking it out with someone who’s been through the same thing as you can ease your mind and recharge you from election fatigue.

4. Accept that it’s okay to grieve

election fatigue

Sometimes, what hit us with fatigue is that we don’t give ourselves room to grieve. For some of us, all of our hard work was tantamount to nothing. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to grieve. We gave it our all and that’s okay. Failure isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s just room to show that there’s something better for us in store after this election.

5. Adopt a new hobby

election fatigue

Hobbies always help us find ourselves again because it allows us to explore our creativity. Even celebrity moms have their own hobbies to deal with the stress of being in the limelight! The thing we need to remember about hobbies is that we don’t need to be professionals at them. Just enjoy the process. Even if it takes a while to learn.

6. Read, read, read

election fatigue

We’re sure there are some books in the house that haven’t been opened yet. Take a chance to open a fiction book for once. Writers spend days and hours on end creating a world and characters that their readers can explore. Besides, if we are to encourage our kids to read, we should read, too!

The Election Fatigue can bring out the worst and best in us

Election fatigue doesn’t manifest in the same way. Some engage in charity work to keep their energy up. Others would rather drink 2-litres worth of coffee. Then, there are some who would like to drag race, or fight people in video games. But the thing about election fatigue is that to bounce back, we first need to accept that we’re going through a tough time and accept that we need help.

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