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6 Places To Get Good Lugaw in Metro Manila

Whenever we’re down with the flu or fever, there’s always lugaw/ congee to save the day.

This dish has always served us well when one of our family members got sick or had no motivation to eat. Lugaw, Congee, Porridge — we have a lot of names for this tummy-warming dish. It has all the nutrients we need from the carbs, protein, and sometimes, vegetables depending on where we get it from. But not all lugaw are made equal. So, we came up with a list of 6 places where to buy or get good lugaw from.

1. King Chef

In a Chinese restaurant like King Chef, they often call lugaw “congee” instead. Although they sell Plain Congee for those who want to add their own stuff to it, they have other kinds. Their Sliced Beef Congee‘s good along with the regular Pork with Century Egg Congee. They also have the kid-friendly Meatball Congee and the Sliced Fish Congee for those who need a soft diet.

2. Ling Nam

Many of the old Chinese families fondly remember Ling Nam as that little nook in Manila that sells giant siomai. They’re also known to have a variety of lugaw recipes wherein they mix all sorts of protein. Their Halo Congee‘s one of their best-sellers, mixing all sorts of protein like pork, pork kidney, and liver. But if you’re not the adventurous type, they also have Fish Bola Congee and some Chicken Congee to soothe the belly.

3. Via Mare

Besides their fluffy Bibingka, under their Merienda Delights section, Via Mare has two forms of lugaw: the Lugaw Toppings and the Philippine version of lugaw: Arroz Caldo. Their servings are made for sharing so one order’s usually good enough for a family of 4. Or, 2 if people are really big eaters. Their Arroz Caldo tastes good with their shredded chicken but you can also go for Goto if you want something different.

4. Gloria Maris

For those who studied, lived, or frequented the Greenhills area then, you’ll know that Gloria Maris is a household name. Almost every Chinese family’s lauriat has probably been held there so it’s certified, authentic Chinese food. They’re also one of the few Chinese breakfast places where those who go jogging around Shoppesville get their lugaw fix. Their best-seller is the Lean Meat with Century Egg Congee. But their Seafood Congee‘s just as good.

5. Lugawan Republic

Strictly serving Lugaw only, Lugawan Republic‘s known to allow customers to personalize their own lugaw meals. From adding spicy goto to a bunch of quail eggs, this hole in the wall’s been satisfying the lugaw cravings of many QC Citizens for a couple of years. While they do serve Filipino meals too, we’d suggest going there for their Goto Hell — a warm and spicy lugaw.

6. Goto Tendon

One of the decent fast-food joints frequented by those looking for Beef Pares, Goto Tendon also has its own version of Lugaw Goto. But what some people do is they order a Goto with some of their flavorful tendon to add some texture to their meals. They have a large and small size for their Goto so you can either have an order for yourself or share it with others. It comes with some bits, egg, garlic chips, and topped with some fresh green onion.

Lugaw: An essential food for those with flu or fever

For many years, lugaw has been a family go-to recipe whenever someone was sick. It’s easy to make; just changing the ratio of water and rice in the pot. Then, for some, they would rather have some chicken cuts and potatoes. Others even add some moringa (malunggay) for a nice green touch and for some nutrients. But if we’re really not in the mood to cook a whole vat of lugaw, here are places we can grab it from. Enjoy!

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