Beep and Mort 101: New Kids’ Show on Self-Discovery

Beep and Mort will coming in 2022 to teach kids about self-discovery and enduring friendships!

Award-winning puppet show, Beep, now comes out with an animated series known as Beep and Mort. Featuring the loveable sprout named Mort, he’ll be with his fun-sized robot friend Beep. The original puppet show told the story of how Mort adjusted to Beep’s sudden appearance and town. At first, Mort finds the robot too noisy for his liking. But eventually, the two characters get along and solve Life’s daily issues in the little town.

What will Beep and Mort be about?

Unlike the puppet show Beep which tackled Mort’s relationship with the namesake robot, the animated show’s more like a spin-off as the two set off on a journey on their own. Screen Australia’s Head of Content Sally Caplan shares, “Beep and Mort is a charming series that explores themes of self-discovery and the enduring value of friendship. It’s set to delight pre-schoolers and their families on ABC.”

It’s been almost a decade since kids’ shows made their debut in South Australia. Windmill Pictures, the production company, hopes to have the show cover a variety of topics on Child Development. From handling problems in friendships to finding and understanding oneself, they brought it down to a pre-school level. According to the producers, they wanted the animated show to also produce more job opportunities for child specialists in South Australia.

“We designed the show and set in a way that the stage looks textured. We want kids to be able to immerse themselves and feel as if they’re able to walk around in it,” shares the show’s director, Rosemary Myers.

Teaching Kids About Self-Discovery

Because of the pandemic, our kids are limited on ways how to discover themselves. Since the pandemic trapped them at home, the majority of their experimentation is online through gaming or chatting. But real-life situations always play differently from simulated ones. Debuting in late 2022, the new Beep and Mort show hopes to awaken our kids’ abilities to be more mindful and creative in finding themselves.

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