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7 Celebrity Mompreneurs To Get Mother’s Day Gifts From

What better people to ask for Mother’s Day Gift ideas than these celebrity mompreneurs?

When confused about what to get mom, best to ask another mom what to get! Moms have mom tribes who probably know more about what a mom needs than most people. Motherhood is a varied experience. Some kids are a lot easier than others and moms have their own ways of coping. For a mother’s day gift, why not check out these celebrity mompreneurs whose products are perfect for moms?

1. Rach Montano

Boss-mama Rach Montano of Mosaic has a few pieces that moms would love to use. They’re trendy, comfortable, and easy to work with. Their lack of print makes them an essential in any closet, making them a timeless fashion piece, too. Moms nowadays would prefer something simpler so that the only thing they need to change or update are their bags, shoes, or jewelry. You can check out their website here.

2. Patty Ang (@pattyang_)

The center of mom chic can be found in Atelier Patty Ang. Ranging from formal to casual corporate wear, Patty Ang creates simple pieces that are fashionable for moms. Especially with weddings coming in full swing to make up for the New Year Lockdown, she’d know what a mother of the bride should look like. For formal wear inquiries, her namesake atelier is available on IG while her corporate wear is available on Patton Studio.

3. Empress Shuck-Guingona (@itsempressita)

The Broken Marriage Vow actress and celebrity mompreneur Empress Shuck-Guingona recently released her new, vegan skincare brand: Numi. When it comes to skincare, less is more. Some skin care products have so many chemicals that moms are probably on the witch-hunt for new vegan skincare products to try. Numi has a website and an IG so that they can choose which skincare products they need.

celebrity mompreneurs

4. Joana Gube

The last time we heard from Joana Gube on Modern Parenting, it was her line of jewelry, Hey Jow!, celebrating its 8th year in the business! Each of her jewelry pieces can easily bring out the best in our OOTDs especially since a lot of us are going into more neutral colors nowadays.

5. Janna Simpao (@jannasimpao)

Bride and breakfast founder Janna Simpao, when not writing, creates her own line of jewelry. Holding it to the standards of what’s good for both weddings and casual wear, Janna’s bespoke jewelry takes on classic designs that don’t lose their appeal. Ranging from gold, silver, white gold, and pearls, By Janna is another place to find classy and elegant jewelry moms would love to keep.

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6. Kat Zulueta – Melgarejo (@katzulueta)

Also known as the co-owner of Pizzulu, founder and CEO of ZOO Kat Zulueta-Melgarejo’s fashion line in Zoo covers everything from casual to formal wear. With weddings and events coming back in full swing, we’re sure there are some formal pieces that need updating or changing. Check out more of her pieces on her website.

celebrity mompreneurs

7. Marian Rivera (@marianrivera)

Flowers always brighten up any mom’s day. Marian Rivera’s Flora Vida has a variety of floral-inspired design pieces that lighten up the home. Especially if mom is aspiring to be like her fave celebrity mompreneur, she’s going to want to decorate her workspace exactly how she wants it. Besides, staring at the computer screen all day can ruin someone’s eyes. She needs something light to stare at before heading back to work.

When you’re not sure what to get mom, check out these celebrity mompreneurs.

There’s a saying that goes “mother knows best” in which when it comes to gifts for other moms, yes she does. These celebrity mompreneurs chased their passion and catered to other moms who have the same likes as they do. At least with this, it makes finding a gift for mom a lot easier instead of scratching heads as to what to get for her on Mother’s Day.

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