CoComelon Story Time Podcast Airing Soon on Spotify

If our kids want their favorite characters from CoComelon to tell them a story, they can tune into the CoComelon Story Time podcast on Spotify!

Looks like our kids get to spend more time with CoComelon through Spotify. Our kids’ favorite show signed a contract with our favorite music and podcast provider so that they can start uploading audiobooks and podcasts for kids. The CoComelon Story Time Podcast will be stories read by CoComelon’s voice actors. It’s definitely something our toddlers and younger kids would love to listen to. The best part is, it might encourage them to read more!

What to expect from the CoComelon Story Time Podcast

The CoComelon Story Time Podcast will be available exclusively on Spotify starting January 24, 2022. The whole audiobook series will feature over 42 stories in four different languages: English (both American and British), Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese. It’ll be a fun way for our kids to inspire our kids to read but also teach them another language. By listening to a particular story in two languages, they’ll be able to pick it apart and eventually understand it.

Spotify is also working hand-in-hand with CoComelon producer Moonbug Entertainment to release 3 original works. Gardenkeeper Gus will be out on January 31, 2022. 100 Cinderellas will be our kids’ way of celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2022. And finally, Sea Lab Alpha will be out on February 28, 2022.

Get ready for a CoComelon bonanza at home!

Our toddlers and younger kids love CoComelon so much that they may as well replay the Story Time Podcast over and over again. But the beauty about podcasts is that they don’t have to stare at a screen. They listen to it while doing something else or let the podcast play until they fall asleep. Make sure your kids have unlimited access to the podcast by upgrading your Spotify accounts to Spotify Premium Family.

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