Dave and Ava: Here’s What We Know About This Kids’ Show

Our kids love watching Dave and Ava! Here’s what we know about the nursery rhyme show.

While many of us grew up on Sesame Street, Barney, or Blue’s Clues, our kids have Blippi, CocoMelon, Pinkfong, and now — Dave and Ava. The YouTube show, Dave and Ava, showcases the two namesakes as they explore a variety of topics and explain via song. Because they use songs, our kids probably retain more information than their actual school lessons. How does the kids’ show do it? Here’s what we know.

Dave and Ava uses rhythm and sounds to teach our kids

dave and ava

Besides the bright colors from the cartoon, Dave and Ava use sounds and rhythm to appeal to our kids. They teach days of the week, age, numbers, colors, and new words via song. With more upbeat and energetic tunes, our kids are more prone to remembering the topics because they associate them with happy memories. Dave and Ava even cover holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Our kids can identify with Dave and Ava

dave and ava

Dave and Ava are babies, making it easier for younger kids to relate. In our kids’ minds, they think that Dave and Ava are exactly like them. They’ll begin mimicking the behaviors of the two characters from singing, walking, and even dancing. They might even pick up some sentences from the said show. It’ll be a little surprising when we hear them sing a different rendition of a nursery rhyme. But rest assured, it’s probably from that show and not some other strange show.

It’s meant to give parents some free-time

dave and ava

Since Dave and Ava play mostly fun songs, it can distract our kids for a while. That means,we have more me-time for ourselves! While we love engaging and playing with our kids, keeping that level of energy 24/7 can be quite exhausting. It’s something that not even coffee can fix. It may sound concerning that we’re letting a screen babysit our kids. But it doesn’t mean we’re any less of a parent to find some time to wind up before getting back into the game.

It’s easy to bring around and store

One of our biggest frustrations with shows for kids is that we still have to download and stream them on YouTube, which chews up a lot of our data. The beauty of Dave and Ava is that we can just download the whole series into a tablet. All we have to do is hook up our tablet to the Internet, leave it overnight to download, and then have it on us as an emergency nanny.

A fun and bouncy show for our kids

Our kids love the show because of its fun tunes and bright colors. It also encourages calming behavior when the two characters interact with one another and other concepts. Although it doesn’t have as much dialogue as other baby shows, it’s there to serve as a foundation of learning for your kids. The songs are there to make learning fun so that when they go to their online classes or their face-to-face classes, they’ll still find joy in learning.

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