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Exclusive: Neri Naig-Miranda Begins Her Journey to an MBA

In a Modern Parenting exclusive, celebrity mompreneur Neri Naig-Miranda shares her journey on what it’s like for a mom to go for an MBA.

Many would be satisfied with just getting a college degree. But Neri is not one of those people. As a staunch non-believer of “hanggang dito nalang ako” and inspired by other moms, Neri Naig-Miranda takes it to the next level by adding three new letters to her name: an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) degree. I have a constant urge for self-improvement. And I love challenging myself, and testing my limits and capabilities. I’m always thinking, ‘If they can do it, maybe so can I.’ And of course, I’m doing it so that I learn more about handling a business.”

Photo from Neri Miranda

The Road for Those 3 Letters Is No Easy One

Choosing to take post-graduate studies is no easy decision to make. Becoming a student again especially as a mompreneur can be quite daunting but when there’s the support in the form of a loving husband, all the more Neri knows she can do it. “He [Chito Miranda] asked kung kaya ko pa ba, considering na ang dami ko nang ginagawa! Sabi ko I will find a way. Supportive naman siya palagi sa mga gusto kong gawin for myself.”

But Neri is no stranger to the many struggles of being a student as a recent graduate herself. How she intends to handle the academic pressure starts with advanced preparation so that learning stays fun. Just enjoy it. Find pleasure in learning. One tip I can give you is to do a lot of advanced reading para hindi as intimidating when the actual lesson is discussed.”

Photo from Neri Miranda

But the struggle is real when it comes to grades.

Reading up on the lesson is one thing but the grades are the ones that show how well one has read the material. Many say “it’s not about the grades” but it’s not easy to unlearn that old premise. Even Neri Miranda jokingly admits that her age made her more competitive and conscious about grades. “Before, hindi. Pero ngayon… oo. Haha! I try not to focus on my grades too much, but I’d be lying if I say na hindi ako naghahangad ng high grades. Competitive ako eh. Lalo na nung tumanda ako!”

However, she’s quick to remind that high grades are often a bonus and are different from the actual reality. “Getting high grades is very different from being madiskarte.”

Modern Parenting: Finding New Ways That Work For The Family

Neri Naig-Miranda’s being madiskarte isn’t just for her schoolwork but for her family as well. “Hindi kami sumusunod sa nakasanayan, and hindi rin kami sumusunod sa kung ano ang trending at uso. We do what we feel is right for the specific situation of OUR family. We do what works for us. But what works for us doesn’t automatically mean na it’ll work din para sa iba.”

Neri encourages others who are still wondering and deciding to not be scared in finding new ways to be both a better mom and professional. “Huwag ka matakot. Kung hindi mo susubukan, paano mo malalaman? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan?”

She’s already quite known for her many businesses such as Neri’s Gourmet Tuyo and her other franchises. But with time, Neri will be able to add a new achievement to her list of breaking limits: getting an MBA. Besides, many will agree that “Neri Naig-Miranda, MBA” has quite a nice ring to it!

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