How We Can Celebrate National Vaccine Day With Our Kids

The health experts and doctors call for a Vaccine Solidarity Movement (VSM) to celebrate National Vaccine Day for Kids.

COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate as it attacks us and our kids. It’s a mentally and physically tiring battle from isolating oneself to changing one’s habits to minimize the spread. Despite all this, we find out that there are some who are still aren’t vaccinated. There’s still a lot of fear, gossip, and rumormongers that make some of us parents hesitant to vaccinate our kids. But that’s why health experts and doctors called for the National Vaccine Day For Kids, to address all our fears caused by fake news and badly done research.

A disturbing reality

The call for “National Vaccine Day for Kids” aims to address a disturbing reality. Despite registrations opening up for kids 12-17 years old and 5-11 years old and vaccines being free, a lot of children still aren’t vaccinated. Dr. Lulu Bravo shares that the ones who are most vulnerable are our kids. She shares during the conference, “The most vulnerable among us are the children who are not yet vaccinated. Get them vaccinated. For those who have their full set, don’t be complacent. Keep your exposure to a minimum.”

Vaccines protects us from another lockdown

Celebrating National Vaccine Day for Kids means getting them vaccinated especially if we want to dine in restaurants with our kids. While vaccines don’t make us immune, it spares us and our kids a trip to the hospital. Chief Executive Officer of the Mother Spice Food Corp. Eric Teng weighed in during the conference about how vaccines helped the food and beverage industry stay alive. “We restaurant workers face all sorts of people all the time, we are not the ones who are in hospitals despite some infections. Clearly, vaccination has helped our staff in becoming immune to the virus,” he shares.

Celebrate National Vaccine Day for Kids: Get them vaccinated ASAP!

We all want our kids to experience the sun and fresh air again. But we can’t let them do that when we’re constantly scared by COVID-19 horror stories. If we really don’t want to experience those horror stories ourselves, our kids need the appropriate protection from vaccines to the proper diets. Although there may be side effects from the vaccines, the benefits outweigh the risks especially if we’re not ready to pay the medical bills for treatment of COVID-19.

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