Why Kaila Estrada is Not Just Another Showbiz Child

Kaila Estrada, daughter of John Estrada and Janice de Belen, is carving her own name in showbiz thanks to modeling gigs and meaty roles on TV.

Children of showbiz know there are expectations of them especially when they follow in their parents’ footsteps. Rising actress Kaila Estrada knows this well, being the daughter of actors John Estrada and Janice de Belen. Her sister Inah is also in showbiz as well, while her brother Luigi Muhlach, Janice’s son with Aga Muhlach, was once also in the spotlight.

Kaila Estrada with Janice de Belen
Source: kailaestrada Instagram

But more than just being the daughter of actors, Kaila is proving herself beyond the surname. She has already been praised for her role in Viral Scandal and most recently Linlang, where she played the role of Sylvia, the wife of JM de Guzman’s character. She is also part of the DonBelle show Can’t Buy Me Love.

Source: kailaestrada Instagram

Here are just some reasons why Kaila is going beyond her parents’ names.

Her parents let her learn the ropes of showbiz by herself

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Kaila said she’s grateful that her parents are letting her learn the ins and outs of showbiz.

“I am super grateful they let me do this on my own. They let me figure out my way into show business. I feel that this has made me cherish it more because I know how much work I’ve put in,” she said.

The actress and model said that she gets advice from them when she asks and is always there when she is tired.

Before acting knocked, modeling was her focus

Long before she got recognized as an actress, Kaila has already been doing modeling gigs. She is currently part of Mercator Management and has also signed up under ABS-CBN’s Star Magic.

Kaila Estrada
Source: kailaestrada Instagram

Anak ni Janice she is!

If you’ve watched the horror movie Tiyanak, which her mom starred in and got everyone saying anak ni Janice, Kaila did something fun during Halloween this year. She actually posted a doll of the tiyanak alongside her on Instagram.

“It’s that time of the year again ( yes, I’m posting it every year lol),” she captioned the photo.

Kaila Estrada with a tiyanak
Source: kailaestrada Instagram

Her roles are already diverse and challenging!

Since getting recognized for her portrayal in Viral Scandal, Kaila has already gotten roles that are very diverse. Aside from Sylvia and her role in Can’t Buy Me Love, she has also appeared in The Chosen One, Love in 40 Days, and giving life to former DJ Karen Bordador in an episode of the defunct Maalaala Mo Kaya. She also did another MMK episode wherein she played a woman who rescued fellow Filipinos from a sex syndicate.

It’s not just Janice who she calls mom in showbiz

She may be Janice’s daughter, but she also counts on her other nanay – Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, who is part of the cast of Linlang.

“I’m lucky to have two mothers now in showbiz. One, of course, my mom Janice, who I grew up admiring not just her being a mom, but with how good she is in her craft, how dedicated she is,” Kaila said of her mom in an interview with ABS-CBN. “And, of course, now my nanay, Ms. Maricel Soriano. I grew up watching her and now, having a very close relationship with her, seeing how good she is also at her craft and how generous and kind and sweet person [she is]. Sobrang ina-admire ko silang dalawa and I’m very, very blessed.” 

She ain’t resting on the nepo baby tag

Although she knows there are advantages to being the daughter of celebrities, Kaila is definitely working hard. With two projects currently airing on TV, some social media work, and a dream to do an action project, she is out to prove that she is just not another child of showbiz who will rest on the name but work hard for it to shine.

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