Star City Releases Their New Re-Opening Date

Star City releases its reopening date to bring back all the wonderful memories we spent there with our families.

When the pandemic hit, many amusement parks suffered. Considered a mass gathering site, they shut down their operations to contain the spread. But with our COVID-19 nightmare slowly coming to an end, some theme parks opened their doors to let our kids enjoy the magic. Star City’s no different as they teased on their Instagram that they’re reopening on February 24, 2022.

Blame COVID-19 for the delays!

The Philippines’ “most-beloved” theme park suffered many delays in its reopening despite the lockdown alerts allowing them to open. The rise of the COVID-19 cases caused them to be warier and we’re sure they just had the kids and families in mind. Star City has always been a place of entertainment, joy, and good memories for families. We’re pretty sure that our kids getting COVID-19 isn’t considered one of them.

Apparently, the change of date didn’t happen only once. They originally had a reopening coming in January. But the spike of cases from New Year and Christmas shot their plans.

Before going to Star City, observe safety precautions!

We all want our kids to create the same memories we did there. But, we have to make sure they do it safely. Vaccination efforts are on a roll and even our kids as young as 5-11 years old are allowed. At times, they’ll want to try and soften your heart to let them go. But, as parents, we have to put our foot down. The risk of the kids getting COVID-19 isn’t worth one day of fun. However, we can make sure they can go after getting them all vaccinated and organizing the proper documents and things before going.

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