5 Cute Family Christmas Outfit Ideas for the Holidays

Whether it’s making a Christmas Card or just for the archives, here are some cute family Christmas outfits for the holidays.

The nightmare before Christmas is now over! It’s time to put away the spooktacular costumes and bring in the eggnog of good cheer. With Christmas around the corner and us still in a pandemic, we’re still looking for ways on how to spark it up with our families. Once the Christmas trees, tinsel, fancy dining ware, and Christmas musicals are all planned out, we can still top it off with these cute family Christmas outfit ideas!

Christmas Outfit Ideas for the Whole Family

1. Santa and his Elves

family christmas outfit

Perfect for babies, too! Elves are considered Santa’s little workers and they bring joy by creating toys. We’re sure there are a lot of stores that sell Christmas-themed outfits and costumes for your babies. Imagine your little ones crawling around in a little elf onesie with their favorite rattles or toys in hand. Then, mom and dad can be Mr. and Mrs. Santa to complete the perfect family Christmas outfit.

2. Matching Christmas Sweaters

family christmas outfit

You can’t go wrong with the classics for a family Christmas outfit. Everyone always has this “ugly Christmas sweater” that they only pull out every Christmas. Maybe for a cute photo op idea, you and the kids can get matching Christmas sweaters while wearing some matching pajama bottoms. Since we’re all celebrating Christmas at home, it doesn’t have to be some winter get-up. Cozy is the way to go!

3. Coordinating Tartans

family christmas outfit

Another classic—but it’s cute if it’s all in one color and pattern! Plus, not everyone has to wear a button-up. It can even be in the form of pants, or a dress to add that Christmas-y or forest-like feel. If your motif at home will be a little more rustic instead of a white Christmas, tartan is a pattern for a family Christmas outfit that’s not only useful on Christmas but even when the holidays are over.

4. Reindeer Onesies

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We’re sure that there’s a place where you can buy reindeer onesies for everyone to wear. Perfect for kids of all ages, you and the family can buy reindeer onesies on Shopee or Lazada. The best part about using onesies is that they also double as pajamas once the holidays are over. Perhaps the only issue with onesies is that the place needs to be cold before putting them on so the whole family — especially your babies — doesn’t end up sweating in them.

5. Rise of the Guardians Motif

Photo grabbed from CosRouge

An underrated Dreamworks movie where the spirits of different holidays gather together. Santa here isn’t your typical chubby type but more muscular. Then, your young adult kids would be more than happy to take either the role of Jack Frost or Sandman. The clothes are fairly easy to do and you can even buy some of the costumes online which can also double as a Halloween cosplay for next year.

There’s a lot of fun family Christmas outfits to explore!

Some of us might want to exercise our inner sewing witch to make the best family Christmas outfits. Others may want to order it online since homeschool might be dumping a lot of requirements before the holidays hit. But whatever it is, spending Christmas is a family thing. Christmas outfits may be overkill for some families but it’s something to remember by especially when celebrating some pandemic milestones.

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