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8 Cute Gift Ideas for Your Baby’s Ninongs and Ninangs

Here are some cute gift ideas for your baby’s Ninongs and Ninangs.

As celebrities like Phoemela Baranda, Elisse Joson, and Solenn Heusaff held baptisms for their babies, we wonder what kind of gifts they would give their babies’ Ninongs and Ninangs. As godparents play a vital role in being the second parent, it’s always been customary to give them a gift. But we’re not always sure what to give them. So, here are some cute gift ideas for your baby’s Ninongs and Ninangs.

1. Wine or Scotch

Some godparents are wine connoisseurs and would like a drink after a long, stressful day. Yellowtail Moscatos are decent—ranging from PHP 400.00 to PHP 450.00 a bottle. But some of the really good ones like Pelissero Moscato D’Asti are worth PHP 1100.00+ a bottle. Ninongs may like scotch so a Johnnie Walker or a more expensive one like the Macallan can be within the list of choices.

These wines are available on either Boozy or Manila Wine. Manila Wine even offers complimentary gift wrapping services.

2. Gemstone Rosaries

It is a religious event after all so it’d be nice to get your baby’s Ninongs and Ninangs gemstone rosaries as a gift. It can be in the form of the usual rosary or even a rosary bracelet to easily bring around. The biggest frustration for many is that rosaries made from plastic are easy to break—as easy as they are to buy. So a gemstone rosary would be nice. Besides, it’s a special spiritual moment for your baby and their godparents. These are usually available in stores that sell religious memorabilia.

3. Personalized Wallets or Pouches

Especially when keeping important things, a personalized pouch is a perfect gift idea for traveling Ninongs and/or Ninangs. Some stores use cloth while others use leather. Some people prefer leather because it lasts longer whereas cloth is easier to wash if it gets stained. Style Box MNL is an Instagram shop that offers personalized leather goods.

4. Tea Sets

This is a gift idea for the Ninangs. Some Ninangs are certified platitas but they don’t just collect plates. Some of them collect British tea sets or even Zen tea sets. Japanese tea sets are minimalist in nature and even have their own case. Meanwhile, British tea sets are for the Ninangs who are in love with Victorian or Rennaissance art or who are still on a Bridgerton high after watching season 2. Some of these are available on Shopee.

5. Powerbank with Built-in Plug

The biggest frustration in buying a powerbank is making sure there’s a charger for it. Nowadays, there are powerbanks that come with their own plugs. It’s an easy plug-and-play gift for your baby’s godparents since they can just stick them into the wall instead of figuring out the tangled mess. Shopee and Lazada have a few selections and some of these even have cables attached to them. Fewer tangles to deal with!

6. Bluetooth Speakers

Some Ninongs and Ninangs would rather not replace their car’s speaker since it’s either phased out or too expensive. So instead, you can get them a Bluetooth speaker. It allows them to play their Spotify playlists in the car and some of them can even charge it using the car charger. The charger, however, might need an adaptor but this gift works for godparents who spend a lot of time in their cars because of work.

7. Water Bottles

Some people even take this particular gift idea up a notch by making them personalized. Water bottles are essential in the Philippines, especially in this heat. For Ninongs and Ninangs who love working out, they’ll appreciate having a durable water bottle that can hold different kinds of liquids. Some godparents who got bitten by the workout bug might even want to put some green juices.

8. A Journal

Journalling is proven to help people cope with hard times and to help unleash unprocessed rage. A journal can also help them keep track of the many things they have to do. After all, some of them are parents themselves! They might even be working parents, too! Some journals come in hardcovers or leather which make them cute gift ideas for your baby’s Ninongs and Ninangs.

Gift Ideas For Ninongs and Ninangs Depend On The Budget

Traditionally, only the Ninongs and Ninangs would give gifts. But it would be good to reciprocate, too! After all, they would be serving as your baby’s second parents. They’ll be guiding them through their spiritual journeys and be part of your parenting support group! Besides, it fosters good relations within the family as well, while giving them a memento of your baby’s christening.

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