Dear Vouchers and Coupon Codes: Thank You For Easing Our Expenses

When managing the family expenses, these coupon codes and vouchers are a godsend.

A lot of us moms stick to our old haunts not just because of quality but because things are more “bang for buck”. When we buy things, we’re creatures of habit. We stick to the same brand of diapers, the same brand of milk, and the same restaurant. Not just to avoid conflict but because financially, it’s less painful. We want to try out new things but exploring can be expensive and guilt-inducing—which vouchers and coupon codes on Shopback make a lot less.

“We’re always looking for that winning feeling.”

“That winning feeling can be in the form of finding PHP 20.00 in a jacket pocket or when a certain coffee shop finally gets your name right,” shares Shopback’s Regional Director Prashant Kala during Shopback’s 7th Birthday celebration. “We’re always looking for an ROI (Return of Investment) whether we’re just buying or we’re the ones selling.”

As moms, we probably realized at some point that in terms of expenses, we spend on kids the most. Baby formula, diapers, clothes, toys — any form of financial help becomes a godsend at this point. That winning feeling is so rare in motherhood especially when we’re juggling just about everything in the house where each of those feels like a ticking time bomb.

Find them all in one spot on Shopback

When we’re stressed, there are some mental steps we want to skip including navigating through the app. For many of us who rely heavily on Pick-a-Roo, Foodpanda, Lazada, Metro Mart, and Shopee for almost everything, Shopback helps ease our online shopping expenses on our usual shopping apps. As a one-stop shop for vouchers and coupon codes, they’re available on mobile and also have a website to check out.

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