5 Fun Family Events Happening This April-May

Ayala’s currently hosting five fun family events: 4 in TriNoma and 1 in Alabang Town Center!

Healthy play is important for our kids. But we don’t know if there’s another wave of COVID-19 happening. Some of us, to play safe, would rather keep the activities within the metro in fear of getting stranded. But what’s there to do? Not to worry! Ayala has a lot of events and activities lined up this April in both TriNoma and Alabang Town Center—all loaded with family fun. Here’s the schedule for the upcoming events!

Box-All-You-Can-Veggies for PHP699 in Alabang Town Center!

We’re all trying to stock up on veggies for Holy Week and to get the kids to eat more greens. But certain veggies can be really expensive! However, imagine the chance of being able to get your money’s worth of veggies in ATC. In 10 minutes, families will have to fill up a 16″ x 18″ box with as many vegetables as they can. Hosted by a collaboration between ATC and Rural Rising PH, this event is a fun way for families to help farmers and also get as many veggies as they can, too.

Location: Alabang Town Center (ATC)
Event Duration: April 8, 2022 – April 10, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Fun Family Events in TriNoma

If Alabang’s a bit too far for those who live in the north, TriNoma has the SPARK Summer Play and Recreation For Kids event. But before kids can join, one needs to present a minimum receipt of PHP500 from Gingersnaps, Great Kids, Logo, Chicco, Cuts for Tots, Enfant, Gift Factory, Kevin’s Toys & Library, Kidsports, Lacoste Kids, Mango Kids, Mother Care, Osh Kosh / Carter’s, Playground, Toys R Us, Kira’s Box or a minimum receipt of PHP1000 from other stores (save the Landmark Department Store, Supermarket, and Bills Payment) to avail of a workshop pass.

Once you have a receipt, just head over to the Concierge at Level 1 (near the Activity Center or the place where there are always bazaars) to claim a pass. It’s a maximum of 2 passes per day but one pass is good for one kid and one adult. All workshops have slots at 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM, and 5:00 PM.

Art Lab: Painting Figures with Pintako

The first fun family event in TriNoma’s line-up for the SPARK Summer Play and Recreation for Kids is the Art Lab: Painting Figures with Pintako. Starting April 9, kids ages 4 and up can get in touch with their artistic side by painting figurines instead of the usual paper. Imagine them wanting to bring out their favorite anime and cartoon characters to life. Instead of buying the figurine, they’ll feel more fulfilled in making it themselves.

fun family event

Summer Science Camp with The Nutty Scientists

Knowing how the world works is always fun. On April 10, kids can attend a Science Summer Camp with The Nutty Scientists to see the wonderful mechanisms that make the world work. From a variety of experiments in physics and chemistry, your kids might even fall in love more with Science after this camp. Besides, the experiments might even cover the topics their Science classes will have this school year.

fun family event

Little Gardeners with The Rainbow Plant PH

For the little plantitas and the plantitas themselves, April 24 is the Little Gardeners with The Rainbow Plant PH event. Encouraging them to go out and plant their own greens serves its purpose in getting our kids to understand the responsibility. That, and they get some sunlight so they’re not always trapped inside the house. Growing plants is also known to improve mental health in both kids and adults as it helps individuals realize that they’re capable of making something grow.

Foodie Sunday: Sweets and Crafts with Whisk Ko Lang

The last event for the SPARK Summer Play and Recreation for Kids is a grand sensory event on May 1 wherein kids can release their inner Masterchef: Foodie Sunday: Sweets and Crafts with Whisk Ko Lang! Teaching kids how to cook their own food or make their own goodies helps them be more adventurous with food. After this, you might have a little sous chef helping out at home! Cooking won’t be such a chore anymore.

Encourage healthy play with these fun family events!

As the number of cases is slowly stabilizing and our kids are being vaccinated, it’s easier for us to go out without being so paranoid. Online classes and staying inside the house can drain the family of any form of motivation. But before going out, make sure everyone’s aware of the health protocols. Mask, alcohol, and social distancing — all those to make sure everyone has fun safely. Enjoy!

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