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Influential Millennial Parents and the Values They Teach

Millennial parents are embracing a more progressive approach when it comes to raising their children. And this includes teaching them values that foster self-love, inclusivity, and diversity.

Millennials represent a new generation of parents who bring unique perspectives and values to the world of parenting. They possess a progressive mindset and embrace modern parenting approaches with many also striking a balance between their careers and family life. Additionally, they advocate for open communication and foster an environment of mutual respect. Millennial parents emphasize the importance of social awareness, teaching their children about self-love, empathy, inclusivity, and the value of diversity.

We rounded up some of our favorite millennial parents and the important values that they teach.

Bea Fabregas and Nikko Ramos

Hosts and fitness enthusiasts Bea Fabregas and Nikko Ramos are one of the most followed millennial parents at the moment. They constantly share how important wellness is — especially for working parents like them.

“Getting that workout in, even if it’s just a 20-minute walk, is actually better in the long run,” Bea explains. “That’s really something we discuss as a family. I saw my parents working out all my life. And up to now, they’re in great shape. That’s what I want for me and Nikko. To be able to keep up with Tyler, to be able to run with him, and experience life with him.”

The constant cycle of eating, sleeping, and working — then waking up the next day to do everything again — can make one grow weary. This is why Nikko notes the importance of doing a regular check.

“Obviously, the physical part of it is one component. But you can be physically healthy, strong, and fit, but not feel great. And it’s about being able to communicate that with your partner. Being able to recognize and say which of those boxes are ticked for you, and which of those boxes aren’t ticked at any given time. In our family, Bea is the athlete. She takes the lead in terms of making sure we’re eating right, prepping food for us, and communicating to me, or motivating me, to get in shape.”

Millennial parents RG Gabunada and Tricia Gosingtian

Tricia Gosingtian

Fashion designer and influencer Tricia Gosingtian has no doubt evolved through the years. Much of this she attributes to becoming a mother and realizing that everything is just a phase and a work in progress. “The journey is undoubtedly difficult,” she shares. “But there’s definitely a tinge of excitement in shaking things up just when you’ve gotten the hang of them. I see it as a sign that I’ve probably gotten complacent.”

For her, motherhood is the gift that keeps on giving, which encompasses her understanding of fashion becoming much more complex. “I’ve gotten much kinder to myself ever since I became a mom. I see my current style as a phase and not something that should be fixed forever. It’s okay to change according to your needs at the moment. You’re still you.”

Tricia isn’t afraid to embrace her different sides. “I started to hold more space for mom me, work me, everyday me, Instagram me — and embrace each unphotogenic, unshareable moment as equal, if not more beautiful than what people see me post online.”

Millennial parents Slater Young and Kryz Uy

Kryz Uy and Slater Young

Another power couple that followers can’t get enough of is Kryz Uy and Slater Young. The two have always given us a peek at their family life through the content they post on their platforms. Moreover, they share pieces of advice on marriage and parenting in their podcast Skypodcast. Recently, they answered a letter from a sender who asked for tips on how to handle dating someone below her social status. And while it may be a sensitive topic to talk about, the two stars shared their honest and candid thoughts.

“Money is so important to talk about even though it is a little awkward to talk about because it’s so taboo,” says Kryz. “But it’s important to know if your spending habits are the same and if you have the same values towards money. Because in the future, if you’re going to share a life with this person, kailangan same kayo ng mindset. Maga-away lang kayo if you’re not the same eh.”

Slater later adds, “People with humble beginnings have a lot of pros na madadala nila sa relationship. Yung humility na kasama dyanyung hard work, drive to succeed.”

ava daza and leo zanirato

Ava Daza Zanirato

First-time mom Ava Daza Zanirato has been changing the landscape of conversation around sex, pleasure, and intimacy through The Sexytime Podcast and Jellytime. She also highlights the importance of creating a safe space to talk about sex and why more millennial parents should normalize talking about it with their children.

“A lot of research has shown that if you introduce the concept of sex at an earlier age, they’re able to deal with it and make proper decisions when they get older. For example, a lot of boys 3 to 4 years old touch their penis. And you’ll see a lot of parents say, ‘Don’t do that. Ano ba yan!’ They’ll try to tell them to pull their hands away. But one of our podcast guests, Erika Lust, was saying she would advice parents not to do that. You can do it in such a way where you tell them, ‘I understand that it feels good for you. But it’s better if you do that in the room by yourself.’ Never tell them that it’s wrong to do it. Because then it puts malice into that.”

Additionally, Ava emphasizes the importance of intimacy in a marriage. “My sister and I always say this on our podcast. It’s about working on it. It doesn’t necessarily mean something sexual, by the way. It’s not always like, ‘Oh, you need to have sex and keep your relationship hot and sexy all the time.’ I think a lot of it has to do with the plain boring stuff and just spice it up a bit. Whether it’s grabbing your husband’s butt or whispering in his ear when he’s washing the dishes.”

“I think it’s about keeping things fun and not just monotonous. Scheduling sex is a good way to deal with it. Because for some people, it can be a way for them to anticipate and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re going to be doing it tonight.’ You can mentally prepare. This is especially when you’re so tired from a long day at work or taking care of your baby, and when you get home, you don’t realize that your husband or wife wants to do it and you reject them. Of course, it’s a blow to the ego. But if you say it like, ‘Hey, I feel like we haven’t been intimate in a long time. Do you want to schedule sex tonight or tomorrow night?’ It’s something you can both prepare for. You can prepare mentally or take a shower. I feel like that helps a lot.”

After all, for Ava, a solid relationship between parents is a good foundation for children.

Camille Co Koro

Camille Co Koro often shares that she grew up in a family that didn’t really show their emotions. Because of this, she does the complete opposite with her daughter Sienna. “I also want my kid to know how to apologize. You take what you like and you change what you didn’t like from your childhood.”

Motherhood has taught Camille to be more forgiving of herself and she understands that her sincere intentions go a long way, too. “The pressure was what made me really struggle in the beginning. That was the hardest thing for me: dealing with the pressure. Not just from other people or from society, but the pressure I put on myself—how it is to be a mother and how it is to take care of my baby. I feel like now, I still put pressure on myself, but I’m able to manage it better now.”

Parenting is something she wholeheartedly embraces. And as Camille finds herself taking on new roles, so does the number of people who resonate with her.

Katarina Rodriguez

Since giving birth to her son Quino in August 2021 and her daughter Clara in 2023 via water birth, Katarina Rodriguez has been an advocate of maternal mental health. She openly talks about the struggles she went through — raising awareness and at the same time, sharing her story to hopefully help other moms going through the same thing.

“Do what you need to do to make yourself feel better,” she shared during an interview with Modern Parenting. Becoming a mother was like a rebirth of herself as well. “I’m really embracing being a young mom. And it’s almost like a rebirth for me, too. That’s how I look at the whole experience. The birth of this new chapter in my life, of a new family. It’s such a beautiful feeling and transition. Because I can take my old self and this new self and just tie everything together.”

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