Super Simple: The YouTube Channel Where Everyone Learns

Since 2005, the Super Simple YouTube channel has been teaching kids to learn nursery rhymes, numbers, and alphabets online!

Children today are lucky when it comes to learning online. Thanks to YouTube, content creators especially educators have been coming up with many creative ways of teaching nursery rhymes, letters, and numbers. Because of that, shows such as CoComelon and Pinkfong have gotten a lot of following. But there’s another YouTube channel that everyone should check out! Super Simple’s YouTube channel has been making children’s content since 2005.

According to its website, Super Simple started back in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan when two of its founders were teaching English and wanted songs to be part of the learning.

The songs they were teaching, however, were too fast and complex. So they decided to make their own and reinvent some of the classic nursery rhymes. Today, Super Simple has close to 34 million subscribers on YouTube and 104,000 followers on Instagram.

Super Simple shows on YouTube

What’s great about Super Simple is that they have 18 shows for kids to choose from depending on the topics and needs. Some of the shows available to watch are:

  • The Bumble Nums – a show featuring three silly chefs to find the secret ingredient of the day for their recipe.
  • Carl’s Car Wash – a show that kids can watch about transportation.
  • Noodle and Pals – get up and walk, run, hop, jump, clap, and stomp along with Noodle & Pals with this fun collection of kids’ songs and nursery rhymes from Super Simple Songs!
  • Finny the Shark – Finny and his friends explore stories of friendship, family, and more.

Super Simple has also made available some shows online featuring the likes of The Super Simple Monsters, Tobee & Friends, and many more. Truly, Super Simple has a lot for kids who want to learn, have fun, and enjoy!

Super Simple is available on other platforms!

Aside from YouTube, you can access Super Simple on other platforms. They have their own app you can download. Additionally, they’re on Amazon and on Khan Academy Kids. Parents can have their children listen through Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Napster as well.

So if you’re looking for alternatives for your kids, then Super Simple is the way to go for them to learn and pick up those skills!

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