9 Things Kids Can Do In Antipolo

With restrictions slowly loosening up, here are some things kids can do around Antipolo.

After months of online classes, gaming to stay in touch with friends, and re-reading their books over and over, some places are finally opening up again to kids in Antipolo during Alert Level 3! It’s time that they get a little fresh air after being cooped up for so long. However, that doesn’t mean kids can’t just go running around in Antipolo without their masks. Make sure you always abide by IATF rules, schedule your kid’s vaccination ASAP, and remain vigilant against the Delta Variant of COVID-19.

Without further ado, here are some things kids can do in Antipolo during GCQ:

1. Travel down Sapinit Road, Antipolo

Photo courtesy: @wheninrizal via facebook

While waiting for Baguio to open itself up again, you can take the kids down a little trip along Sapinit Road. Dubbed as the “Little Baguio” of Antipolo, it’s perfect if you want to see a long road full of Pine Trees or get some fresh air. Some even say that Sapinit Road looks quite similar to Camp John Hay. The best part is, parking’s quite easy! It’s the perfect place to have a picnic and if you want to simulate a real Baguio experience, you can bring up some Raisin Bread and Strawberry Jam for some snacks.

Where: Sapinit Road, Antipolo
Price: FREE!

2. Meals at Tipulo Restaurant

Photo courtesy: @tipulo_fpla via instagram

As a mountainous city, Antipolo offers great views, and what better way to enjoy those breathtaking views than with a meal? Tipulo Restaurant offers a modern twist on Filipino food and they’re currently opening up to kids as young as 5-years-old! Your kids would definitely go for the Longganisa Pasta or they might be more curious about the new desserts on the menu. They have an Oreo Cheese Cake there that might have your kid’s name on it.

Where: Fpla Premises, Km. 27 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City Located inside the First Pacific Leadership Academy, Antipolo City, Luzon 1870 Philippines.
Contact No.: +63 917 240 4069.

3. Art Appreciation in the Pinto Museum

Photo courtesy: via instagram

One of Antipolo’s main attractions has always been Pinto Art Museum. Aside from its namesake cathedral, Pinto Museum has a multi-sensory exhibit and often features modern-day artists. It’ll also give your kids a bit of an eye break from all that blue light being on the computer. Plus, a little trip to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo with kids might give you both some ideas on what to do when the school year starts for an art project.

Where: 1 Sierra Madre St. Grand Heights Rd, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines.
Contact No.: +63 2 697 1015.

4. Tree Planting in Dalandanan Nature Camp

Photo courtesy: @dalandanannaturecamp via facebook

If your kids want something more outgoing to do, make a reservation at Dalandan Nature Camp. The camp in Antipolo offers two activities for kids: camping and tree planting. All you have to do during the reservation is to give the names of your kids and their ages so you can have an exclusive tree planting guide to help you plant your very own tree! Once you’re done, you can head over to the big open space where you can set up camp and admire the stars at night.

Where: Binayoyo Elementary School, Binayoyo-Calawis Road 1870 Antipolo, Philippines
Contact No.: 0951-2933300.

5. Biking and a small party at Café Siena

Photo courtesy: @cafesiena_ via instagram

Last we heard, Café Siena opened its doors to having small kids’ parties. They have a big area for kids to even go biking. Since the restaurant is an alfresco restaurant, your kids will have that scent of fresh air bringing in all the scents from the kitchen. Café Siena serves hearty meals of lechon, baked macaroni — all of your kids’ favorites, and they can burn it off by going around biking. How cool’s that?

Where: Bayugo Buliran Road, Antipolo City, Luzon 1870 Philippines.

6. Unli Wings at Wingkee

Photo courtesy: via instagram

If you’re part of a family of big eaters (or even a big eater yourself) or have the urge to stress-eat, Wingkee will fill your stomachs to the brim with chicken wings. Your teenage kids might even be familiar with this place since Wingkee also sells some pretty good milk tea to stave off the spice from the buffalo wings. For kids, we suggest giving them the Parmesan Garlic flavor or the Sweet Chili flavor for wings unless they have tongues of leather then they can upgrade.

Where: Citybloc, M.L. Quezon Extension 1870 Antipolo, Philippines.
Contact No.: 0963 049 4474.

Price: PHP229.00~249.00++

7. Biking in Quest Adventure Camp

Photo courtesy:

Quest Adventure Camp is a place in Antipolo where kids can go to get their exercise and learn how to bike. But biking isn’t all you can do there. There are also some swimming pools you can jump in to beat the heat (don’t forget to bring your own pool toys though!) and also obstacle courses and zip lines. And after a long fun-filled day, you can kick back and chillax in camp there, too.

Where: Quatro, Sitio Buhangin, Dalig 1880 Teresa, Philippines.
Contact No.: 0968 533 2484.

8. All-Day Breakfast in Rustic Mornings

Photo courtesy: @rusticmornings via instagram

Don’t you just get annoyed when either you or the kids just want breakfast food for lunch and dinner but can’t find a good place in Antipolo? That’s what Rustic Mornings can solve for you. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night, you can order a variety of breakfast food from corned beef to tapa or whatever suits your fancy. They even come with continental breakfast meals such as waffles and pancakes.

Where: Balimbing St 1900 Antipolo, Philippines.
Contact No.: 4258610.

9. Coffee/Hot Choco Break in Coffee Rush, Eastridge

Photo courtesy: @coffeerusheastridge via facebook

Looking for a place to mellow down after a long day of going around? Coffee Rush is the perfect place to go. They’re a small coffee shop overlooking the city and especially at night, it’s beautiful to see all the cities light up like stars on the ground. Your kids are definitely going to enjoy the hot chocolate or the carrot cake they got stashed. Currently, all kids are allowed inside but always make a call prior! They’re a place that tends to get full. Fast.

Where: Binangonan, Philippines.

Kids can finally enjoy some time out in Antipolo under Alert Level 3!

For the past year, kids have been locked up to keep them safe from the deadly COVID-19. But remember, even though your kids can go out around Antipolo, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the health protocols. Make sure you bring a mask, your own utensils (if you’re that paranoid), a bottle of alcohol, wet wipes, and tissue wherever you go to make sure you leave every place you’ve been to cleaner than you found it.

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