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5 Ways To Stop The Midnight Munchies

Sometimes, we lie awake at night worried about our kids. Other times, we lie awake because we have the bad case of the midnight munchies.

The munchies — a close second to the one thing that keeps us awake at night. Sometimes, we play off our inability to sleep at night because we’re worried. We’re worried about our kids as they go through homeschool. And with the pandemic not making it any easier, it’s no surprise we have some form of sleep disturbance. And then, we have to fight off the temptation of either raiding the fridge or summoning a food delivery driver in the wee hours of the morning. So, here are some ways we can fight off the midnight munchies.

1. Drinking a mug of hot tea

Sometimes, our munchies are caused by wanting some hot in our stomach. It just doesn’t work on our babies when we give them warm milk, it works on us too! Since some of us have become lactose-intolerant as we grew older, having a mug of hot tea can help soothe the munchies. Plus, getting some herbal teas from places like Republic of Tea, Sekaya, or even just a Lipton will do can help you relax. Tip: Get a Chamomille-Lavender mix if you want a good night’s sleep.

2. Get some weighted blankets

Weighted blankets help people sleep by making them feel that it takes a lot of effort to throw off the blanket. Some of these weighted blankets are made of wool, cotton, and other materials. However, standard weighted blankets are different from the typical comforters and duvets because they have beads inside them to add that extra weight. If you’re not comfortable with those, some places sell plain weighted blankets. That should help you sleep and stop you from vacillating whether or not you should pick up your phone for food delivery to satiate your munchies.

3. Keep the chips hidden

We love our chips especially when we’re stressed or watching our favorite K-Drama. But moms, it’s not helpful especially if you’re the type of person who will wake up in the middle of the night because she forgot to brush her teeth. Then, stay awake the whole night because of that one act. Keeping the chips away solves two issues: one, no salt and dirt to get stuck in the teeth. And most of all, no ants in the bedroom. We know other people besides us who get the munchies.

4. Readjust our working schedules

Sometimes, we work until so late at night that we end up having munchies out of frustration. Or, if we end up working out at night, we also end up looking for food. Although we’re busy in the morning and it’s only at night we have free time, it’s not going to be healthy if we end up developing the habit of stress eating. It’s sometimes in a state of stress when we get the munchies that we also end up making bad food choices.

5. Try changing the content

We change our work schedules and loads but we forget to change the content of our meals to compensate. Some of us adopted a vegetarian or a non-inflammatory diet which might be too light. Either we increase the amount of change out some of the lighter vegetables for heavier ones. Unfortunately, some of us may be diabetic so it’s a little bit of balancing. But once you achieve that balance, the munchies should go away.

Midnight munchies are only bad if you keep feeding it!

While munchies give that nice satisfaction of grinding something in our teeth, it’s not good if we don’t control what goes into our mouths. Our kids do watch how we eat or what we eat. So, if they see us eating potato chips or instant noodles, they’re going to get into it too! Unfortunately, it’ll take a little discipline from us to keep the munchies at bay and indulgences away.

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