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Philippine Celebrity Parents Born in the Year of the Dragon

As we welcome the Year of the Dragon on February 10, 2024, we share some celebrities who were born under the Dragon zodiac!

Considered one of the most sacred creatures throughout Chinese history, astrologers often call those born under the Year of the Dragon “blessed” or “fortunate.” Even Chinese mythology has legends that speak highly of the dragons’ contributions to China. And since 2024 is the year of the dragon, we’ve rounded up some celebrity parents who were born under this auspicious zodiac sign.

Fire Dragon (January 31, 1976 – February 17, 1977)

Dragons are already naturally charismatic and intelligent. And with the element of fire, they become exceptionally lively. They also appear to have a never-ending supply of self-confidence and achieve results when they take charge. For Fire Dragons, they’re born between January 31, 1976, and February 17, 1977. Below are the parents born as Fire Dragons:

Source: Jao Mapa Instagram

Jao Mapa (February 11, 1976)

From showbiz, fire dragon-born celebrity dad Jao Mapa has been dabbling in painting. He posts some of his works on Instagram, mostly portraying ordinary Filipino experiences. He still takes a few hosting gigs however while being a dad to his three kids: Amber, Caleb, and Benjamin.

Source: Eric Fructuoso Instagram

Eric Fructuoso (March 31, 1976)

Comedian, actor, former hiphop dancer, and currently a businessman, celebrity Eric Fructuoso is a happy dad of four kids: 3 boys and 1 girl. A former member of the teen group Gwapings alongside Jao Mapa and Jomari Yllana, he rose to fame during early 1990s and shares his “dad jokes” on TikTok.

Source: Geneva Cruz Instagram

Geneva Cruz (April 2, 1976)

Celebrity single mom of two Geneva Cruz channels her Fire Dragon energy as an actress and reservist from the PAF (Philippine Air Force). She also became a multi-platinum singer with her songs Anak ng Pasig and Kailan.

While she still does her gigs in entertainment, Geneva is also raising her daughter, London Lee Cruz in the Philippines while face-timing her Los Angeles-based son, Heaven Arespacochaga.

Source: Alicia Mayer Instagram

Alicia Mayer (May 2, 1976)

Now a blogger, celebrity mom Alicia Mayer also graduated with a degree in nursing. As the great-grandniece of Hollywood’s Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Movie Studio’s co-founder, Louis, she shares a passion for entertainment. She currently has 3 kids.

Source: Gio Alvarez Instagram

Gio Alvarez (May 14, 1976)

Former TV Kid Gio Alvarez is a dad of five children, 4 girls and a boy. His eldest is Kaylene, who’s 27 years old and stays in Las Vegas, the United States. His son, Ramon, is 23 years old, followed by Bella (20), and Matilda (4). He also considers Jeorgina (13), his wife, Jayvie Agojo’s eldest, as his daughter. He’s currently doing a show: Simula Sa Gitna on Prime.

Source: Jhong Hilario Instagram

Jhong Hilario (August 11, 1976)

Celebrity girl-dad Jhong Hilario shows his Fire Dragon traits as both a councilor and as a dad. He graduated with a Magna Cum Laude in Political Science from Arellano University while raising his daughter. Recently, he shared his and his family’s experience when the earthquake hit Japan on New Year’s Eve.

Source: Jomari Yllana Instagram

Jomari Yllana (August 16, 1976)

Fire Dragon-born celebrity dad Jomari Yllana is currently celebrating the year of the dragon with his wife, Abby Viduya. He follows the Fire Dragon stereotype by being multi-hyphenate. Actor, singer, racecar driver, and even member of the Parañaque council, Jomari even decided to add producer to his list of hats to wear as he directs films about mental health.

He is the father of Andrei Yllana.

Source: Wowie De Guzman Instagram

Wowie De Guzman (September 22, 1976)

Celebrity single dad Wowie De Guzman has been doing whatever he can to make sure that his daughter, Rafa has the best Life has to offer. Besides documenting their father-daughter moments for his YouTube channel, he also creates dance reels since he’s a former dancer. He shows his charisma as a Fire Dragon as an actor, winning the FAMAS Award for Best Actor in 1998 for his role in Paano Ang Puso Ko?

Soure: Lexi Schulze

Lexi Schulze (November 12, 1976)

Lexi Schulze is an actress, television anchor, host, and a certified Konmari instructor. She and her family are currently based in Spain.

Source: Derek Ramsay Instagram

Derek Ramsay (December 7, 1976)

Celebrity dad Derek Ramsay lives up to his Fire Dragon zodiac as he stars in the Metro Manila Film Fest horror movie entry: Kampon. His traits also show as he cares for his two boys: 20-year-old Austin and Ellen Adarna’s son with John Lloyd Cruz, 5-year-old Elias.

Source: Ethel Booba Instagram

Ethel Booba (December 17, 1976)

Former Starstruck contestant Ethel Booba shows her Fire Dragon traits as a multi-hyphenate. Actress, comedian, and singer, celebrity mom Ethel Booba also hosts her own YouTube channel where she posts videos about her being a girl mom. Her daughter, Michaela, is turning 4 this coming February 14.

Piolo Pascual (January 12, 1977)

Although on the Gregorian calendar he would be born in the year of the Snake, technically, celebrity dad Piolo Pascual still falls within the Lunar Calendar year of 1976, making him still qualify as a Fire Dragon. And he does have a quite Fire Dragon personality! Highly charismatic and also still acting in many movies with his latest being Mallari, Piolo Pascual still makes time to parent his 26-year-old son, Iñigo.

Source: Christian Vasquez Instagram

Christian Vasquez (February 8, 1977)

Former Pinoy Big Brother Housemate fire dragon-born Christian Vasquez started out as one of the comedians during the show. Currently, he’s being a fitspiration on his Instagram and being a girl dad to Christienne Aubrielle who he also affectionately calls Inday Brie. He’s currently finishing up the TV series: Lovers and Liars.

Earth Dragon (February 17, 1988 – February 5, 1989)

Three words describe the Earth Dragon personality: honest, self-disciplined, and generous. On top of the confidence and charisma that naturally comes to a dragon, they are quite talented and are aware that they do have that many hobbies. Earth Dragon year is February 17, 1988 to February 5, 1989 and here are some of the PH celebrity parents born in that year:

Source: Alwyn Uytingco Instagram

Alwyn Uytingco (February 11, 1988)

Currently co-parenting with Dirty Linen actress Jennica Garcia, Alwyn Uytingco is a dad to two girls: Alessi and Mori. As an Earth Dragon, Alwyn sticks to his favorite style of creating content: videos on TikTok. He also acted in some movies like Asuang.

Source: Nadine Samonte-Chua Instagram

Nadine Samonte-Chua (March 2, 1988)

Celebrity mom Nadine Samonte-Chua, nowadays, is enjoying her life with her three kids: Heather, Titus, and Harmony. She started her career as an actress on StarStruck in 2005 then, proceeding acting in series such as Ikaw Sa Puso Ko and Marimar.

Source: Isabelle Daza Instagram

Isabelle Daza (March 6, 1988)

Celebrity mom Isabelle Daza works alongside her sister, Ava Daza with their podcast that openly discusses sex: The Sexytime Podcast. She also wrote a children’s book, dedicating it to her beloved Yaya Luning. The digital content creator has three kids: Baltie, Valentin, and Esmeralda.

Source: Jolo Revilla Instagram

Jolo Revilla (March 15, 1988)

Former vice governor of Cavite, Congressman Jolo Revilla is also born in the year of the dragon, more specifically the Earth Dragon. But he’ll soon be adding being a dad to his long list of hats. He and his wife, Angelica Alita, just welcomed their baby girl!

Source: Ellen Adarna Instagram

Ellen Adarna (April 2, 1988)

Celebrity mom Ellen Adarna is born year of the Earth Dragon and had a bit of a tough year last 2023, opening up about her miscarriage. However, she’s still making the most of her life as she navigates co-parenting Elias with John Lloyd Cruz and married life with Derek Ramsay.

Source: Melai Cantiveros Instagram

Melai Cantiveros (April 6, 1988)

Bringing families joy on Magandang Buhay, celebrity mom Melai Cantiveros fulfills the dragon-born trope when she also won the Best Actor at the Asia Artist Awards 2023. She is a mom of two kids: 9-year-old Amelia (also known as Mela) and 3-year-old Stela who will be turning four this coming April.

Source: Paulo Avelino Instagram

Paulo Avelino (May 13, 1988)

Earth dragon-born celebrity dad Paulo Avelino has been keeping himself busy. While doing his part in Prime Video’s Linlang and the remake of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim with Kim Chiu, he’s also been co-parenting Aki with LJ Reyes. Late in 2023, he also addressed the body shamers, revealing that his weight gain was to help him suit the role of Victor in Linlang.

Source: Alfonso Martinez Instagram

Alfonso Martinez (May 19, 1988)

Celebrity dad Alfonso Martinez rose to fame because of his role in Ang Probinsyano as Pedro Penduko. Currently, he shares his love for cars on his Instagram through Karrera Showroom. Alfonso Martinez has a young son, Arturo – who enjoys spending time with his lolo – Albert Martinez.

Source: Helga Krapf Instagram

Helga Krapf (August 24, 1988)

As a dragon-born celebrity, Helga Krapf is quite decorated as a movie and TV series actress despite her recent return to the spotlight in 2017. She acted in series such as Pusong Ligaw (2017), Sana Dalawa Ang Puso (2018), and Ang Probinsyano (2022), while being a mom to her daughter, Amelie. She is currently staying in Frankfurt.

Source: Iwa Moto Instagram

Iwa Moto (August 29, 1988)

Celebrity mom Iwa Moto, like many of the dragon-born, busied herself with various projects such as singing and acting. She has quite a decorated acting portfolio with it including Marimar (2007), Zorro (2009), and Kahit Puso’y Masugatan (2012). In the midst of her acting career, Iwa also debuted a single song Bum Bum in 2008. Iwa Moto’s daughter, Eve, also does gymnastics.

Source: Maja Salvador Instagram

Maja Salvador (October 5, 1988)

Mom-to-be Maja Salvador also started her year with a bang as she and her husband, Rambo Nuñez are also expecting a baby girl. She also recently appeared in the promo of the new Netflix horror-thriller show, Gyeongseong Creature. Maja also recently teased Sugal, leaving many of her fans to guess what kind of performance she’s planning.

Source: Pauleen Luna Instagram

Pauleen Luna (November 10, 1988)

Earth dragon-born celebrity mom Pauleen Luna Sotto recently celebrated her husband, Vic Sotto’s 69th birthday. She recently welcomed the latest addition to the Luna-Sotto family, Thia Marceline, adding another dragon to the family. Pauleen also recently brought her daughter, Tali, to watch the beloved classic Disney On Ice.

Source: Saab Magalona Instagram

Saab Magalona (November 26, 1988)

Podcaster, celebrity mom Saab Magalona reveals her dragon personality by being open about the challenges and victories in spreading awareness about Cerebral Palsy and the experiences of parents with special needs children. She and her husband and best friend, Jim Bacarro, recently also opened the Puddy Rock Studio in The Atrium at Shangri-La Mall.

The Dragon Zodiac: One of the Most Powerful and Vital among the Zodiac

This 2024 celebrates the strength of one of the most beloved creatures from the Chinese pantheon: the dragon. Many legends speak of them being fickle but also show that they are capable of great love and care for those whom they deem worthy of their blessing and protection. As parents, dragons are strong-willed and may be a bit strict but only want nothing but the best for their children.

We’re pretty sure that these celebrity parents born under the year of the dragon want that for their kids too!

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